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Rayan Sheikh and His Wife Anmol Brought Their Son on Their Walima

A wedding ceremony in Hafizabad became the center of attention on social media when an educated couple brought their new son with them on their walima day. And when people saw this scene, they started mocking themselves. And while some people started making fun. Let us tell you one thing here that this couple got married last year. But due to the current situation, their “walima ceremony” was canceled. Now that the situation in Pakistan has improved, the couple decided to have their walima. So Allah had blessed this couple with a child-like blessing even before their walima.

And when the couple’s walima photos went viral on social media, people were overjoyed to see them. Because along with the parents, their son also attended the walima ceremony. The couple said in an interview that they were married on March 13, 2020. While Rayan and Anmol also said that the day after the wedding, the government had announced that all the indoor and outdoor gatherings will remain banned for some time. And the couple celebrated their walima on March 23, 2021, a full year later.

Rayan said in his interview that he is very happy that his son attended his parent’s wedding while some people think that he will be the first Pakistani child to attend his parent’s walima. Indeed, there is nothing in the hand of man. What happens is according to the command of Allah.

And if you guys also want to see the full interview of Rayan and Anmol, click on the link below to watch.

Don’t forget to congratulate Rayan and Anmol on their walima. And don’t forget to mention that such a story has happened to anyone around you. Thanks!

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