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Aymen Saleem Height, Weight, Age, Husband, Family, Biography & More

Aymen Saleem is an emerging actress and model in the Pakistani showbiz industry. And besides acting, she is also the Ambassador of the Pakistan Youth Parliament. She is one of the actresses who has just entered the world of showbiz. Aymen Saleem started her acting career with the popular Hum TV drama serial Chupke Chupke in which she is seen performing brilliantly with Osman Khalid Butt and Ayeza Khan. And Mishi’s role in this play is very much liked by the people. People want to know a lot about this new actress, whose daughter she is and whose wife she is, and how old she is in the year 2021, so let’s find out in today’s article.

aymen saleem biography

Aymen Saleem Age

She was born on January 13, 1996, in Karachi. and she is now 25 years old.

Aymen Saleem Education

Aymen Saleem received her early education in the United States due to which she moved temporarily from Pakistan to the United States and completed her graduation from The Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania in 2017.

Aymen Saleem Height

She is a 5 feet and 4 inches tall girl and if we talk in centimeters, it becomes 162.55 centimeters.

Aymen Saleem Pic

Aymen Saleem already has all the qualities that an actress and a model should have. And after seeing her entry into the showbiz, marketing brands are absolutely ready to take her on a photo shoot in their new collection. But let us tell you here that Aymen Saleem is very fond of taking pictures with her family and friends. This is why she keeps sharing photos on her Instagram with her family and friends at every festival. And that is why many girls have made her their idol after seeing his brilliant entry in the first play. So let’s take a look at some of her pictures from a few days ago.

aymen saleem pic
aymen saleem pics

Aymen Saleem Sister

Currently, Pakistani actress and model Aymen Saleem have not shared so much information about her family on her social media account. So it is too early to say how many sisters and brothers she has. But looking at the pictures on her Instagram account, it is clear that she will be the youngest daughter of her family.

aymen saleem sister

Aymen Saleem Husband

Speaking of the husband of Pakistani actress and model Aymen Saleem, she is fortunately still unmarried and living a single life. And it would not be wrong to say that she is still a child. But she once jokingly posted on her Instagram that if she ever found a good guy in her life, she would marry him immediately. But right now Aymen Saleem is giving time to her showbiz career and wants to see herself rise to the heights of fame.

Note: But some say Aymen Saleem is married and has a one-year-old son. Below you can see pictures with her prospective husband and son in the pictures, but the marriage is not confirmed yet.

aymen saleem husband
aymen saleem son

Aymen Saleem Family

Aymen Saleem belongs to an educated family in Pakistan. But you will be surprised to hear that none of her family members is from Showbiz. But Aymen has been interested in studying as well as acting since childhood. That’s why she has entered the world of showbiz after completing her studies. And of course, the best acting in her first play makes people feel like she’s not a new actress. And of course, her family helped her become an actress.

aymen saleem family

Aymen Saleem Father

You may be surprised to know that Pakistani actress and model Aymen Saleem is the daughter of former cricketer Saleem Yousaf. He has been a brave wicketkeeper of the Pakistan cricket team. And he started playing first-class cricket when he was just 19 years old. And his techniques are still taught to new cricket enthusiasts. Knowing all this, it would not be wrong to say that Aymen belongs to a talented family. While her mother is not from Showbiz and she is a successful housewife.

aymen saleem father
aymen saleem father pic

Aymen Saleem Drama List

If you have read the introduction in the first paragraph of this article, we have told you that Chupke Chupke is Aymen Saleem’s first drama in which she is acting with actress Ayeza Khan and Osman Khalid Butt. And this drama is being directed by Yasir Nawaz’s younger brother Danish Nawaz. But one thing is for sure, Aymen Saleem will soon be seen working in one successful Pakistani drama after another. Because today’s young generation liked her acting a lot and this actress became a trend on social media. For now, in this section (Paragraph), we will say that this is her debut drama.

aymen saleem drama

Aymen Saleem Instagram

Aymen Saleem is very fond of being active on Instagram 24 hours a day. She keeps sharing her daily photos with her fans on her Instagram account. And that’s why in April 2021, the number of fans on her Instagram has reached close to 90,000. And she will soon be included in the list of famous Pakistani celebrities who have the most followers. And of course, in today’s Pakistani showbiz industry the one who has more followers gets more work. But many Pakistani actors do not agree that this is not the right way to judge talent. But if you’re familiar with the showbiz field, you’ll understand.

aymen saleem instagram
aymen saleem mother

Aymen Saleem Twitter

Aymen Saleem created her Twitter account in early 2012 but she does not use her Twitter account much. Because she is so busy on her Instagram and Facebook accounts that she doesn’t get a chance to spend time on Twitter. And now the number of followers on her Twitter account has reached close to 200.

aymen saleem twitter

Aymen Saleem Dresses

Aymen Saleem is very fond of wearing new clothes which is why she keeps sharing photos with her fans in her new clothes on a daily basis. And if you look at the Instagram account of the new actress, you will also say that she has a very good dressing sense. And the time is not far away when she will soon be seen doing her first bridal photoshoot. But you may be upset to hear that Aymen Saleem prefers to wear western clothes rather than eastern clothes, which is why she is being criticized a little bit. Because people in Pakistan do not like western dressing at all and our religion does not allow it.

aymen saleem dresses
aymen saleem dress pics

Aymen Saleem And Nazia Hassan

You may not believe that Aymen Saleem is the niece of famous Pakistani pop singer Nazia Hassan. If you look at the pictures of her past, you will remember Nazia Hassan at her young age. And it would not be wrong to say here that Aymen Saleem, like Nazia Hassan, will progress very quickly in her showbiz career. Because if luck and hard work go hand in hand, then Allah also goes along with such people.

aymen saleem and nazia hassan

Aymen Saleem Actress

When it comes to Aymen Saleem’s acting, people are already liking her performance in the drama more than Ayeza Khan. Because she got her first drama on a funny script and that’s exactly what she is in real life. And she is naturally so beautiful that the viewer becomes her fan at a glance. And when people ask her the secret of her beauty, she says, “I do nothing and I don’t know how to do make-up.” Of course, the simplicity and natural beauty of this actress won the hearts of the people.

aymen saleem actress
aymen saleem actress pics

Social Media Handle

Instagram Account: Aymen Saleem (If you want to follow Aymen Saleem on her Instagram, click on the Blue Highlight and follow her on Instagram).

aymen saleem facebook

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  1. Nazia Hassan is not Aymens real aunt ! Nazia was married to Aymens Mamu ishtiaq Baig who divorced Nazia Hassan on her death bed. Aymen belongs to the infamous Baig family, her real aunt / phupee is the murdered Afreen Baig who too was a drama actress/ writer of the 90s who was murdered by her husband- a poor driver whom she married after her first divorce. Afreen has 1 autistic kid. Afreen Baig husband was later cleared of conspiracy of murdering Afreen. Afreen was tied up and drowned in the bath. The Baig industrialist – Aymens naniyal are full of narcissistic sociopaths.


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