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Beautiful Pictures of Abdul Hadi Wife Yasra Rizvi Expecting Their First Baby

Abdul Hadi’s actress wife Yasra Rizvi soon gave the good news of becoming a mother. She shared her viral photos in which it can be seen that she is pregnant. Hearing this good news, people started congratulating her from now on. Because this will be the birth of the first child in the house of Abdul Hadi and Yasra Rizvi. And after marriage, of course, every couple eagerly awaits the birth of a child.

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If we talk about the age of Pakistani actress and model Yasra Rizvi in the year 2019, then she has turned 30 years old. And this actress girl started her married life in the year 2016 by marrying a boy Abdul Hadi who is ten years younger than her. And when their wedding photos went viral on social media, people criticized them. Because in our society, marrying a little girl is preferred.

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Yasra Rizvi has acted successfully in many Pakistani dramas and films. As well as being an actor, she is also a famous poet. Many videos of this actress writing poetry have also been uploaded on YouTube. Here we will tell you an interesting thing that her husband Abdul Hadi had completed his MBA after marriage and while taking the degree he took his wife with him. And people liked this boy’s style very much.

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But in today’s article, we will see that Pakistani actress and model Yasra Rizvi has become pregnant and she too will become a mother at the beginning of the year 2022 like Sarah Khan, Iqra Aziz, and Hina Altaf. And the joy of being a mother is reflected in a woman’s face. Let’s look at the new pictures of Yasra Rizvi’s pregnancy days.

yasra rizvi pregnant
yasra rizvi pregnant pics

Don’t forget to congratulate Abdul Hadi and his actress wife Yasra Rizvi on their pregnancy. We pray to Allah Almighty to make their journey easier. Ameen!

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