Saboor Ali & Ali Ansari Got Engaged (Pictures)


Actress Saboor Ali surprised people by sharing engagement photos with actor Ali Ansari. Meaning she has now become Ali Ansari’s fiance and will become his wife in the next few days. People were very happy to hear this news and some people went to their Instagram account and started congratulating both of them. Because many people said that Saboor Ali is too old. Now she just has to get married.

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Saboor Ali, a 26-year-old Pakistani actress, and model began her acting career at a very young age. She tried her luck in the field of acting with a supporting role. And today she is considered one of the top actresses in Pakistan. Many people may not know that Saboor Ali is the younger sister of Sajal Ali, a talented actress of Pakistani films and dramas. And Sajal is the wife of talented Pakistani actor Ahad Raza Mir.

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Let us tell you one thing here that Ali Ansari’s sister Mariam Ansari is also an actress. She started her married life a few days ago by marrying Moin Khan’s son Owais Khan. The wedding took place with great simplicity in the presence of close relatives and friends. But many people thought that Ali Ansari is the fiance of actress Mashal Khan. But the two parted ways a long time ago and had a breakup.

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But in today’s article we will see that actress Saboor Ali has shared photos of her engagement with her future husband Ali Ansari. On this occasion, it can be seen that both the actors are looking very happy while Saboor is wearing Pink Color Dress on her engagement. And Saboor herself and her fiance Ali broke the news to fans on their Instagram account. So let’s look at the pictures of Saboor Ali’s engagement.

saboor ali with her husband
saboor ali in laws

Don’t forget to congratulate actress Saboor Ali and actor Ali Ansari on their engagement. We pray to Allah Almighty to make them both husband and wife soon. Ameen!

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