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Iqrar Ul Hassan Slapped A Common Man In Public

You all know that Iqrar Ul Hassan Hassan is a famous news anchor and host. He is known around the world for his Sar-e-Aam program. But while recording the program today, there was an accident in which Iqrar Ul Hassan slapped a common man in the face during an interview. And the video of that moment was made by one of the people standing by and went viral on social media. After watching the video, people say that Iqrar Ul Hassan should come out in public and apologize and not take the law into his own hands.

You all know that Iqrar Ul Hassan has exposed a lot of people in his Sar-e-Aam program. And when people get caught up in their program, they refuse to admit their mistake. But the special thing about this program is that first, these people send their servants to do the work that the man is doing and blindfold him in the eye of the camera so that when he is caught, his ugly face to be exposed with proof. And these most difficult tasks are recorded in several days.

In addition to his Sar-e-Aam program, Iqrar Ul Hassan also hosts Shan e Ramzan transmission with Waseem Badami during Ramadan. And the duo of these two news anchors is much loved by the people. On the other hand, Iqrar Ul Hassan is also seen working for welfare organizations in his spare time. And if there is an emergency in the country, they go and try to help themselves. And indeed, it is a sign of a good man. If you also want to watch the video of Iqrar Ul Hassan slapping a common man in public, click on the link below to watch it.

What would you like to say after watching the video of Iqrar Ul Hassan slapping this common man, then you will definitely express your opinion in the comments section below. Thanks!

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