In Pics: Bilal Abbas Khan’s Brother Shahbaz Abbas With His Wife


Bilal Abbas Khan is considered one of the most beautiful actors in the Pakistani drama industry. And seeing his beauty, every virgin girl is obsessed with marrying him. Just a few days ago, Bilal’s younger brother Shahbaz Abbas Khan got married and started his married life. Seeing the pictures of Bhabhi, people started saying that she looked like a very old girl.

If we talk about the age of Pakistani actor and model Bilal Abbas Khan in the year 2021, he is still only 27 years old. And here we have to tell you one thing that he has confirmed in his interviews that he is not in the mood to get married for two or three years now and he wants to devote time to his showbiz career at this moment.

Bilal Abbas Khan has acted brilliantly in many successful Pakistani dramas in the past. If we talk about his successful drama of the year 2021, then ARY Digital’s drama serial Cheekh tops the list. And besides acting a lot, he has also tried his luck in the field of modeling. That’s why he often appears as a model in a photo shoot with a well-known clothing brand.

But in today’s article, we will see some beautiful pictures of Bilal Abbas Khan’s brother Shahbaz Abbas Khan with his wife. After seeing the viral pictures, some people started saying that Bilal’s sister-in-law has become pregnant. And she’s going to be a mother soon.

In the comment section below, don’t forget to mention that do you think Bilal Abbas Khan’s sister-in-law is more beautiful than him? Thanks!

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