Explainer: Who is Ayesha Baig, Minar-e-Pakistan incident?


A video went viral on social media yesterday in which a woman could be seen being harassed by some mob at Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore, Pakistan. The video was recorded on August 14, according to the victim. But this tragic event took place in the presence of four hundred men. And unfortunately, there was not a single man out of four hundred who could save this girl. But the incident has been investigated and an FIR has been registered.

Explainer: Who is Ayesha Baig, Minar-e-Pakistan incident?

In a viral video on social media, it can be seen that some people are seen with Ayesha on Minar-e- Pakistan. And they’re doing video recording with it, and it’s daylight. But no one is going to save her. sources also said that Ayesha and some of her friends had planned to go there and meet their friends at a meet-up. But at the same time, when some people came to Ayesha to take selfies and pictures, the incident escalated.

But some people on social media after watching Ayesha Baig’s video also say that maybe it was pre-planned by this girl and this is an easy way to gain fame. But what is false and what is true now Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies will soon solve this problem. Because some people said that the video is dated August 14 and she has been active on her Instagram and Tik Tok account since August 14 and she realized two days later that something had happened to me.

Who is Ayesha Akram

Ayesha Baig is a famous Pakistani TikToker, host, and singer. And she lives in Lahore, Pakistan. She makes videos on the TikTok app, which has made her a little more popular. Sources said that she went to Minar-e-Pakistan with her six friends to record a video to celebrate Pakistan’s independence. She was making videos and selfies when the incident happened. And since the video hit social media, it has spread like wildfire. And this unfortunate incident intensified between August 17 and 18.

How did the accident happen?

An FIR (First Information Report) has been registered at Lorry Adda police station. And this FIR was recorded on the statement of Ayesha Baig and her six friends who said that they were making a film on Minar-e-Pakistan when a mob of four hundred people attacked them. Ayesha also said in her report that the crowd was very large and people were coming to her in large numbers. The men dragged Ayesha so hard that her clothes were torn. Ayesha added that some people tried to save her from the mob but they could not save me due to the large number of people.

Who is responsible for this incident?

As soon as the incident came up on social media, people started blaming the victim and people said that it was happening due to excessive use of TikTok. In the past, Pakistan has banned TikTok application. But then after a few days this application is opened. In 2019, about 35 million people have downloaded this application. And while some people say that obscenity has spread a lot since the advent of this application.

Explainer: Who is Ayesha Baig, Minar-e-Pakistan incident?

Some people on social media said that people attacked Ayesha because they knew she was a TikToker and that should be the case with her. And while some said that Ayesha should not have gone to public places on Independence Day. While some people said that this happened to Ayesha because she showed it like this in her TikTok videos, people took full advantage of it. And while some people said that the culprits in this incident should be given a dreadful punishment so that the girls can feel safe.

What did Prime Minister Imran Khan say about this accident?

Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken full notice of the incident and when the IG Punjab ordered that the accused be arrested immediately. And the Prime Minister assured the people that justice will be done to Ayesha and the culprits will be brought to light soon. And on this incident, Punjab Police has started searching for 400 accused.

How other politicians condemned

Bilawal Bhutto said in his Twitter message that every Pakistani should be ashamed of what happened to a girl on Minar Pakistan.

On the other hand, Shireen Mazari also condemned the incident and demanded from the Punjab Police to take strict action against the accused as soon as possible and arrest those involved in the incident.

What did Pakistani celebrities say about this incident?

Famous Pakistani singer Asim Azhar expressed his views in such a way that he is feeling very ashamed, he is ashamed that he is a man.

Explainer: Who is Ayesha Baig, Minar-e-Pakistan incident?

Mahira Khan expressed his views in such a way, then you can read it yourself in the picture below.

Explainer: Who is Ayesha Baig, Minar-e-Pakistan incident?

Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, daughter of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, also took to Twitter to express her views on the incident.

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