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Umer Sharif Was Not Feeling Well

Umer Sharif is considered one of the best comedians and hosts in Pakistan. He has won the hearts of people all over the world, including Pakistan, because of his catchy sentences. And no doubt he is the king of comedy and his shows are shown to today’s new kids to learn comedy.

Umer Sharif Was Not Feeling Well

If we talk about the famous Pakistani host and comedian Umer Sharif in the year 2021, he has turned 66 years old. And she has been married two or three times in the past and her first marriage turned out to be a failure and a divorce. In 2005, he married Zareen Ghazal for the third time.

Umer Sharif Was Not Feeling Well
Umer Sharif Was Not Feeling Well

Just a few days ago, Umer Sharif’s daughter also passed away, the trauma of which he sat for a long time. And because of some everyday illnesses, he is often weak. But just a few days ago, in the month of Ramadan, Umer Sharif, and his wife attended Nida Yasir’s Ramadan special show (Shan-e-Suhoor).

Umer Sharif Was Not Feeling Well

But recently a picture went viral on social media showing the famous comedian Umer Sharif sitting in a wheelchair and his face looking a bit unwell. And he seems weaker than ever as if he is surrounded by disease. But this has not been confirmed yet. What is the real story behind this picture?

Umer Sharif Was Not Feeling Well
Umer Sharif Was Not Feeling Well

But we pray and request from all our fans that don’t forget to remember Umer Sharif in your precious prayers that may Allah Almighty heal Umer Bhai soon and keep their shadow on our heads forever. Ameen.

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  1. Allah Pak umer Bhai ko sehat ata kre, wo moeen sb k bad comidian me hamara qimty sarmaya hn,
    Mere father ki qbr b model colony qbristan me Hy or mujhe to ye soon k bht Khushi hwi thi k umer Bhai hr Thursday ko moeen sb k qbr jate hn jb k UN k ghr se koi nhi ata,
    Allah Pak sehat de, or ap ek bar phir nzr ayen humhe stage program me
    Aameen Summa Aameen,
    Umer Bhai me agr ek bat bolou me Ramzan se job less hou or hotel se khana pina HOTA Hy hm bap bete ka, to is time me taqriban 25 hazar ka qarzdar ho gya hou, plz kahi pe koi job lagea diye mujhe plz

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  3. ان الانسان لفی خسر یہ دنیا ہے جو بھی آیا ہے اسے جاناہے دنیا میں زندہ رہنے کے لئے کچھ نہ کچھ کرنا پڑتا ہے۔انسان بیمار ہوتاہے کرنے والا کرتاہے پھر وہ شفا بھی دیتا ہے بس ہر آدمی بڑا ہو چھوٹا ہو صحت وتندرستی کی خواہش تو رکھتا ہے اللہ عمر شریف کو صحت کاملہ عطا فرمائے آمین

  4. Allah tala sehat wali zindagi ata farmain yay hamara who asasa hain k jinhon nay hamisha hamin khushyah hi di hai Allah inhain jald sehatyab ata farmain .

  5. Best wishes to recover soon. You are the best in Pakistan and Asia….I love to watch your stage dramas …get well soon Umar bhai

  6. May Allah bless him with complete health. He is a living legend belongs to Pakistan our proud. We learn from him how to laugh a unique comedian never compare with any other comedian over the world. We wish he may return and continue to spread smiles over sadness.

  7. Ya Allah Umer sherif bhai ku sehat aur tandrosti Ata farma aur ju b beemari ho ossay najat Dela dey Ameen soma ameen ya Rab ♥️
    Love and respect for Sir Umer sherif. ❤️❤️❤️


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