YouTuber Amna Riaz, husband Umair welcome baby girl


You all know that young people from all over the world are creating their own channels on YouTube and uploading great content. Today we will talk about the famous food-making channel Kitchen With Amna on YouTube. Of course, she doesn’t need any introduction because she has millions of followers on her channel.

Amna Riaz on her mehndi

If we talk about the age of the famous Pakistani YouTuber Amna Riaz in the year 2021, then she has turned 34 years old. And she started her married life by marrying Umair in November 2020 last year. But unfortunately, Amna was heavily criticized for her wedding dance video with her husband. Watching the viral dance video, it was as if she was dancing while sleeping.

Amna Riaz after her Nikah with her husband Umair

Amna Riaz is currently followed by about 4.2 million people on her YouTube channel. And she has uploaded over 1100 food and cooking videos to her channel. And that’s why her YouTube channel is viewed and followed with great fanfare almost all over the world. And one important thing is that she is earning almost lakhs of rupees every month from the YouTube channel.

Amna Riaz on the occasion of her baby shower (Godh bharai)

But in today’s article we will see that after 11 months of marriage, Amna Riaz and Umair have become the parents of their first child. So far, Amna has not shared the name of her daughter with her fans.

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