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Mahira Khan gets criticized from netizens for its controversial dialogue in telefilm ‘Aik Hai Nigar’

Recently, Mahira Khan, while playing her role in a biopic (telefilm) Aik Hai Nigar, paid homage to the strength, determination, and resilience of Lieutenant General Nigar Johar Khan, a brave woman officer of the Pakistan Army. As the first brave female three-star general in the Pakistani army, Johar is a great example to be reckoned with, and her inspiring story is a must-see.

Mahira Khan gets criticized from netizens for its controversial dialogue in telefilm ‘Aik Hai Nigar’
Mahira Khan gets criticized from netizens for its controversial dialogue in telefilm ‘Aik Hai Nigar’

As television viewers, we are accustomed to seeing a certain type of women’s stories on television, and it is unusual to find strong and brave female characters surrounded by supportive people in our dramas. Despite Mahira Khan’s stellar performance, the audience criticized Mahira on social media for her controversial dialogue about doctors in a telefilm.

Mahira Khan gets criticized from netizens for its controversial dialogue in telefilm ‘Aik Hai Nigar’
Mahira Khan gets criticized from netizens for its controversial dialogue in telefilm ‘Aik Hai Nigar’

“We are not ordinary doctors. We are doctors in uniform. Our people have high hopes for us.” Mahira Khan says on one occasion in a telefilm. Immediately after the video clip went viral on social media, Mahira faced a strong reaction and anger from the audience. The doctors also bashed the actress for calling them a normal doctor. And maybe the doctors thought it was too bad.

Mahira Khan gets criticized from netizens for its controversial dialogue in telefilm ‘Aik Hai Nigar’
Mahira Khan gets criticized from netizens for its controversial dialogue in telefilm ‘Aik Hai Nigar’

On the other hand, Mahira Khan has confirmed in her interview that playing the role of Nigar in this telefilm was a big challenge for her. And in order to play her role, she saw Nigar’s real-life thoroughly and showed herself in her acting in exactly the same way. And after the film aired on ARY Digital last week, Mahira Khan was well received and praised by people on social media. So let’s read some comments and criticisms of people on this dialogue of Mahira Khan.

In the comments section, don’t forget to mention that do you have also watch Mahira Khan’s telefilm Aik Hai Nigar. So we will wait to read your valuable comments. Thanks!

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  1. I don’t feel like Nigar can be an ideal personality for me! There are thousands and thousands countess stories of ordinary doctors hereee. The basic thing is uniform. If uniform made you feel “Proudy person who feel herself superior from others then sorry to say i dont need that “uniform “!
    We are here to serve people. Its okay if we aren’t wearing any uniform it doesn’t matters at all!

    • Yes, very true. Service to humanity is beyond uniform. I don’t know why uniform gives a feel of superiority over others while everyone is doing the same Nobel task. Being superior is not the feature of humans, it is of Allah.

  2. Doctors are respected whether in uniform or civilian in nature,Civilians have liberty to independence whereas uniform takes in return an independence from doctors condition to uniform doctor on the behest of armed forces to serve general public.uniform contains pride is difficult life for which sacrifice is needed more than civilian in nature to liberty.life is not a bed of roses serving armed forces in Pakistan as most disciplined institution for merit cum reward.Civilians Doctors are an asset of Pakistan whereas role played either by uniformed doctor or civilian is laudable in COVID appraised by Honourable COAS @ National Level which defines Civilian Doctors appreciation in Pakistan can’t be manipulated on mere understanding of uniform doctor actually refers to strict nature of Professional Duty without liberty as no excuse or compromise on Professional Uniform Doctor duty

    • Ever u c young Dr in uniform fine on strike. Ever they refused to attend OPD. Can anyone think a Dr can go on strike.
      This is the difference is.
      If a civil Dr posted to small city , would he goes there.
      This is the difference is.
      Don’t be joules. Be in healthy competition..

      • If the incentives , security, given to them are given to these( ordinary one ) surely they will perform better.And what about all those who died serving in covid.if you send me to North pole with all those facilities it will surely go…I don’t believe if Gen Nigar would have said it,it was just the idiotic media who want to divide this nation

        • Your right, gen. Nigar didn’t say anything like that. Stupid people are onlyonlshowing showing immaturity by hearing the things that have never been said.

    1) i had to implants my lost tooth in civilian capacity, it was brigadier rank at CMH rwp..who’s P.A told me that i should represents as beneficiary but pay amount like civilian ….mean payment made should be in personal account not in CMH hospital account..my father is retired
    army personal
    2) Aya who are working at gynaecology department of CMH , stolen my medicines while i was on C.sections truama at CMH…and doctor prescribed same medicine again and again and lotting you until you are in recovery room of OT..
    3) a doctor from urological dept had P.A who will take bribe from you for early check up wali parchi
    4) a retired doctor from army working at Hearts international Rawalpindi had demand me 2000 money in her checkup room beside payment i made through proper parchi at her reception…..

  4. This is such a hypocritical dialogue. I have experienced the discrimination at the hands of Army doctors. Being raised in a army house hold I got married to a civilian I didn’t realize this discrimination thing until I gave birth in an army hospital as a civilian patient during the pandemic. It was an eye-opener for me to be treated as a 2nd class citizen to the extend that I left the hospital in tears and decided not to enter the premises again.

  5. Her words were really harsh, not appropriate script , her acting was normal as usual ,there wasn’t any performance in the drama except Shaheryar’s .our ordinary doctors had served the people in COVID- 19.the uniform was no where at that peak time .the uniform is just serving us at the borders or either way having control all over the country.

  6. Uniform persons are saving uniforms to serve public…and civilians play their roles to save community plz don’t panic guys every one is doing his job efficiently…
    Why we r criticizing ourselves or our nation fellows just for the dialogue of a movie
    I appreciate all the civilians as well as army personnel…
    All are playing their role in serving the nation…..no one is exceptional……..

  7. I guess the dialogue is being misinterpreted. The theme of this dialogue is drs in uniforms have double responsibility i.e. not just saving others lives but also work in hostile environment / put their own lives in danger during battles

  8. I have seen the film. Three decades back noone would have even noticed this dialogue. Over the years this dissention of army vs. civilian has been built. Both parties are responsible. Repeated martial laws did not help either. I request everyone not to play into this narrative of army vs. civilian. We all are Pakistanis …no?

  9. Mahirah has done a great job her acting was so natural and there is no doubt that she performs her best .She desires many awards .She puts her whole effort and hard work in every drama and film .I am her big fan . She is stunning actress . Aik hai Nigar was written by umerah ahmed . Script was fabulous . Mahirah delivers all dialogues perfectly . We should appreciate . As General Nigar is a role model for all girls .
    She performs strong characters in Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay and Aik hai Nigar . We should not criticize her for one dialogue . # respect for all doctors . wether they are in uniform or not

  10. This is called army propaganda. Wake up and smell it. All ISPR dramas would have something like this, that shows the army as decidedly better than anything else.

  11. Though I am not a doctor I too found that dialogue disturbing. Drs are drs nothing more nothing less. No one is ordinary. Those who were called ordinary basically r the ones doing more for every kind of patient. End pe sary sarkari hospital mn hi refer kr dty


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