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Video: Shahid Afridi broke the LED TV because of his wife

Boom boom Shahid Afridi is known for his dangerous batting and sixers. He is the most loved cricketer his fans have a special association with him. There are certain aspects of a man’s nature that people might not know about, Afridi during his interview revealed the same side of his personality. Afridi is known to be a strongly opinionated man who doesn’t hesitate in putting his stance bluntly.

Video: Shahid Afridi broke the TV because of his wife

Shahid Afridi is a very disciplined man and asks his family to follow the rules. A few months back Afridi was seen on Nida Yasir’s show good morning Pakistan where he narrated an astonishing incident concerning his wrath. He is a quite short-tempered man and does not bear any kind of ignorance regarding the brought up of his daughters.

Video: Shahid Afridi broke the TV because of his wife

Boom boom Afridi said that once he got so furious that he broke his television. Revealing the reason behind this act he said that it all happened due to the ignorance of his wife. He always asked his wife not to watch Indian dramas in presence of their daughters. He further added that once he entered the house and witnessed that one of his daughters is doing the act of Arti which is a practice of Hinduism. Watch the video by clicking on the link below.

Following the incident, he got so furious that he couldn’t control his wrath and broke the TV. Now, this old clip is again making rounds on social media and one Indian man criticized the clip and said that secularism is at its peak as people are so intolerant that they even can’t bear the Indian dramas on their screens.

Video: Shahid Afridi broke the TV because of his wife

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  1. I think shahid Khan afridi had done a good job, people of narrow minded like so called seculars find in india don’t get the real spirit of Muslim that a true Muslim never compromise his believe ,a good father and guardian always in touch with his children acts /deeds thinks prohibited by islam should not be watch and practice at home, School etc
    Regard Jamal agah

  2. I think this kind of attitude should be followed for all Indian films and dramas as our generation blindly follows them without thinking that what they’re doing is their culture and religion, not ours. We all should stick to our roots and just not get carried away

  3. Its not secularism. Its his duty nd rights bcz he is doing with his tv for his daughters up bringing . everyone have rights to teach their kids . He was not angry with amit kumar’s he was not angry with minorities in Pakistan he did not broke any hindu temple he did not force any religion to offer Namaz he did not kill any hindu for doing hindu rituals. he respects alllll . We respect all religions but we are not follow them

  4. Indians govts are so called “Secular”, otherwise they are the ones who do not tolerate any other religion in India. Be it Muslims, Christians or Sikhs, hate against them is highest in India.

  5. Practicing own religion and keeping it intact at any cost has nothing to do with secularism.
    Further, does anybody has any know how about secularism when it comes to Kashmiris rights and Muslims rights living in their community? Not only Muslims, Hindus keep grudge against Christians, Sikhs and other religions too.


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