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Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 15 Review: Mehreen’s character is getting cowardly from a brave girl

Oh well, the characters and their intricacies in “Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay” are still very interesting but unfortunately, the way the story is being carried out in some situations seems completely meaningless. It’s the only word that immediately popped into my mind while watching this episode on TV. There were a lot of moments that I didn’t find meaningful, and it’s really sad that for a unique drama like Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, it came to a point where as a viewer I struggled to watch it.

The first thing that struck me as “absolutely ridiculous” in this episode was the picture of Mashal in Mehreen & Aswad’s room. Even if it was in the guest room used by Mehreen, would anyone tell me what Mashal’s picture was doing there, especially now that it has been proved that Mehreen becomes triggered and she starts making hallucinating? Aswad is gone, Saleha is a very innocent mother-in-law, so no one could stop Mehreen from getting rid of this picture. They have already shown some episodes that Mehreen is thinking non-stop about Mashal. So the writer didn’t need to make sure to put Mashal’s picture on the nightstand. Because that’s not where it belonged.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 15 Review: Mehreen's character is getting cowardly from a brave girl

I’m very sorry but the reason I liked Mehreen’s character was how she was as a fighter. Despite everything being against this girl, she was still moving forward with her devotion. Yes, her mental health is deteriorating over time, so she is expected to have such slippage. But the Mehreen I know is certainly not one who wears a saree to impress Aswad, also because Saleha asked him. That too because Saleha had told her. It would have been better if they had stopped her when Mehreen told Saleha the truth that she was not going to wear a saree. Well, she wore one because she wanted to respect Saleha’s request but the way she reacted to it made it clear that she wanted to impress Aswad too and when that didn’t happen She was completely upset. Mehreen has always had a personality that knows when to do something, so seeing that change doesn’t really seem convincing.

I don’t know what happened to Saleha. For her to believe that Aswad is back because of Mehreen and his love for her is utterly foolish – this is the only word that can be easily used to analyze this situation. I mean, her son literally left Mehreen the next morning of his wedding, he never called her and never contacted her. He doesn’t like to talk about it at all and it was clear before the wedding, so how can she believe that this is a very normal marriage and her son intends to keep it healthy. Flashbacks have also stopped understanding now because the conversation they had between Mehreen and Aswad seemed really confusing. Mehreen has recently graduated and since Aswad came to Pakistan, the two have been arguing on the phone and in person.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 15 Review: Mehreen's character is getting cowardly from a brave girl

One more thing, It turned out that Mehreen and Aswad had not been in touch for 5-6 years and it was Mashal who told him everything about what was happening in Pakistan, so Mehreen accidentally told Aswad that she had graduated was completely meaningless. Yes, the director has relied heavily on Flashbacks to add another dimension to this episode in the current situations, but that was a shortcoming! As far as Mashal and Mehreen are concerned, it is understandable that they have come out like this because of the traumas and experiences of their childhood, but seeing Aswad in this episode merely rudely made me think so. Why is this happening? Aswad felt like a normal child with a normal childhood. He was loved and treated as if he had been brought up in a good environment. So I think it’s safe to say that the way his personality is now doesn’t seem to be the result of his childhood.

Well, putting it aside, it can be easily claimed that this is how it has turned out since he came in contact with Mashal and now her death has shaken him a lot. So I will not blame Saleha or his childhood for this. He grew up to be a normal human being but after believing Mashal’s version, he himself has lost this conspiracy. In this fifteenth episode, he saw Mehreen’s condition and how upset she was, but it took only one dialogue from Mashal’s memory to make sure that Mehreen was acting. It is frustrating to see a deaf and dumb character like Aswad who does not believe in or analyze situations based on his mental abilities. He finds it easy to see things from Mashal’s point of view. This was understandable at the beginning of the drama but at this stage, it is very frustrating and offensive to see Aswad not change in this way at all and that is why I put all the blame on him for being so ugly.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 15 Review: Mehreen's character is getting cowardly from a brave girl

The whole “Maafi Talaafi” scene was also somewhat tense. It was as if a little margin had been planned to give Shagufta what she wanted to say. Her behavior was another story. The close-up shot of House Help crying seemed pointless again. The director has certainly put the emotions to good use and set the tone right from the start but now there is no point in twisting the story and making no progress. One more important thing, they really need to reduce the use of music and OST. No doubt they have every reason to be proud of what Azaan Sami Khan has created but it is better that they do not use it unless the listeners get sick of what they would otherwise is a beautiful song.

In the end, Mahira Khan was definitely the star of this episode. Her acting and performance were excellent but I am not really happy about how Mehreen’s character is turning into a ‘Bechari’ who was not there before her marriage. I liked some of the scenes where she returned Aswad and did not hesitate to say that perhaps Mashal had committed suicide because of him. This part of Mehreen is what I want to see in the next episodes. Yes, she is allowed to feel weak and to deal with her trauma in her own way but it is definitely not necessary for her to act according to the will of Saleha and this seems to weaken her character. After watching this fifteenth episode and seeing the reaction of all the characters, I must say that “Nani” must be asked how she raised her children that not a single one of them turned out to be decent people.

If you guys would like to do some analysis on the fifteenth episode of the drama Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, we will be very much looking forward to reading your precious comments. Thanks!

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