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Mathira Reveals The Shocking Facts About Her Poisonous Marriage

Mathira being a controversial and bold personality has always been in news. She is an amazing host and model. This bold and strong-headed lady started her career at Vibe TV network where she hosted a late-night show. Mathira is recently hosting a show on Bol TV show called The Insta Show with Mathira. She is a strongly opinionated person with an amazing sense of humor that we often witness in her show mentioned earlier.

Mathira recently became an honorable guest at ARY’s show called Hamare Mehman where she was seen getting vocal about her violent married life. Mathira revealed that she belongs to a broken family and being a bold woman she tried really hard to make this relationship work. She also added that a man who beats his wife can never be changed.

Her sister Rose Mohammad accompanied her during the interview and also revealed that Mathira had gone through a lot in her life and if there would be some other woman instead of Mathira she definitely would have opted for suicide. Mathira revealed that when she got married she decided to work 10 times more than a usual housewife for she had a bold and dark image in the minds of people. Be it cooking, doing dishes, sweeping, or anything she had done everything just to keep her relationship going.

Mathira pointed out a valid point by asserting that mothers should not feel insecure about their son and should not get apprehended with the thought that they are going to lose their son. This very insecurity triggers a lot of domestic issues between Saas Bahu. This is incredible to see that how brave and wise she is. More power to this strong lady. Click on the link below to watch the complete video interview.

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