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Falak Shabir’s new song ‘Yaadan’ features Alizeh Shah

You all know that the fame of famous Pakistani singer Falak Shabir increased when he got married to talented actress Sarah Khan in the year 2021. And then it happened that the couple was considered one of the best couples in the showbiz industry. But seeing Falak and Sarah’s daily nonsense, people have stopped liking them. But fortunately, the couple has become the parents of a daughter (Alyana Falak) within a year.

Falak Shabir's new song 'Yaadan' features Alizeh Shah

Sarah Khan’s husband Falak Shabir has released another new song called “Yaadan”. And young actress Alizeh Shah has been cast to shoot the video of this song. In this song, it can be seen that Alizeh Shah has worn bold clothes on different occasions and is expressing something like she is very romantic. At the end of the song, it is also shown that she dies in an accident.

Falak Shabir's new song 'Yaadan' features Alizeh Shah

Earlier, singer Falak Shabir had recorded a song with his wife Sarah Khan. And his song “Zindagi” has garnered nearly 12 million views on YouTube so far. People say that if a boy gets along with a good wife, then his luck also wakes up as happened with Falak Shabir. Here we will tell you an interesting thing that Sarah’s husband Falak has become very popular in Pakistan because of his Punjabi songs.

Falak Shabir's new song 'Yaadan' features Alizeh Shah

If you also want to listen to Alizeh Shah and Falak Shabir’s new song “Yaadan” then click on the link below and listen carefully. But before clicking on the link, be careful not to play this song with family and watch it alone on a laptop or mobile. Because in this song Alizeh Shah is wearing a lot of western clothes in a way that does not represent our culture.

In the comment section below, don’t forget to mention how you felt when you saw the song sung in the voice of Falak Shabir and Alizeh Shah in the form of bold heroine. So we look forward to reading your interesting comments. Thanks!

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  1. Plz dont do this .
    What you want to show us ?
    Allah ka khoof kro ap log q fahashi ko pehla rhy hain ..
    Allah Pak hadayt dain hm sb ko .
    Behayae na pehlao ..q West ko follow kr rhy ho koi b km kro jan loo pehly ky Muslim ho q us Allah ny jo Hadood muqara ki hain un ko torty ho phir azab aaty hain .

    U live in Pakistan (Islamic country ).

    Islam behayae ka dars nhi daita hai wo to jahil log thy jo bagair libas ky ghoomnty thy or behayea ko faroog daity thy .

    Mgr tm log Muslaman hony ky bawajood jahil ho q ky Mehroom ho ap log Asal sy…

    Islam or mulk ka nam badnam krnty ho paisy ky liye ..
    Afsoos hai ap pr ..

  2. It’s really shameful…..u r Muslim ☪️ …ap Islam ko kia philay ap to bahayai r western culture ko promote kr rha ha….its so disappointing 😞…shame on both of uuu….alizeh ap to fame k chkar ya b bhool gai han k kia Acha h kia bora kiya hlaal h r kia hram…..sham on uuu….

  3. Afghanistan Taliban ki Pakistan ma invitation Dena chaheya taji unjasy logong ki safye kr krsaky.
    Hum unko roll model kehtay h or ya hamaray musharay k usool k khelafh Kam krrahy h.
    Shame on you alizeh shah.

  4. Shameless baighairat log hain jo yeh bana rahay hain dekha rajay hain falak ki biwi aur beti bhi kal ko jab yeh karain gi tou yeh ziada paisay kamaaai ga baighairat insaan


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