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Actress Ghana Ali denies rumor of ‘pregnant with twins’

Ghana Ali is an amazing drama, film, and theatre actress. Ghana Ali’s performance in the drama series Sangdil garnered her immense fame and appreciation. Her appearance in the musical drama O Rangreza is considered to be her best project. Ghana Ali married in February 2021 and was under fire following her marriage. She was labeled as a homewrecker. Her wedding pictures stunned her fans. People also bully her for marrying a man who already has a wife and son. Ghana Ali in late September announced her news of expecting on her Instagram handle. The mom-to-be is very excited and happy to share the news with her fans.

Actress Ghana Ali denies rumor of 'pregnant with twins'

Further, she added that she has to take a break from work as she’s expecting. The stunning mom is to be requested for all the prayers and wishes. Ghana Ali keeps posting her beautiful pictures on social media and as usual netizens couldn’t help trolling her. She requested all the trollers out there to not to pass any nasty comments. This is the time of happiness for her and she expects to get positive vibes from everyone out there. There have been some news doing rounds on social media concerning her delivery and her baby for some time.

Actress Ghana Ali denies rumor of 'pregnant with twins'
A beautiful photo of Ghana Ali spending her days in pregnancy with her husband

The news was a break on some of YouTube channels that Ghana Ali has given birth to twins babies. Recently the amazing Ghana Ali took to social media to contradict all false news concerning her pregnancy. She asked everyone not to believe this fake news as there’s no truth in it. She further added that she hasn’t given birth to twin babies. Stop listening to fake news.

Actress Ghana Ali denies rumor of 'pregnant with twins'

It is pertinent to add here that she married Umair Gulzar a man from Karachi who was already married and had a child. Ghana Ali expressed her feelings over all the negativity that has been created since she got married. She is just of the view that why people have got so many issues with everything they do.

Actress Ghana Ali denies rumor of 'pregnant with twins'

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