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Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 16 Story Review – Crudeness

The Story and characters in ‘Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay’ are moving forward with curiosity and with the inadequacy of truth. The story is getting quite interesting now unlike the last two episodes. Mashal’s murder case has been ended by his father, now the new things are revolving in the story.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 16 Story Review - Crudeness

Aswad’s Crudeness

The crudeness of Aswad is increasing with every scene. It seems that he has muted all his senses to know about the truth about Mehreen’s life. His strict behavior towards Mahreen is a way to punish her for Mashal’s death. This was also his purpose to get himself married to Mahreen. He is getting almost violent with Mehreen as in this episode he shouted at Mehreen so that she got scared and burnt her hand with hot tea and she ran away from there. For a little moment, Aswad thought about the past and how much he was caring towards Mehreen but now the situation is totally opposite. On the other hand, while Mehreen was washing her hand and crying, Mashal appears and says that Aswad only loves Mashal and nobody likes Mehreen and her life will be a bed of thorns. Mashal always appeared as a haunted character in her subconscious after her death and keep on intimating Mehreen that her life will get worse day by day and keep on realizing that she came between Mashal and Aswad. Mashal has become a nightmare for Mehreen and causing a severe psychological effect. But with every scene of the story is emerging more strong and composed. This is the beauty of the performance and acting of Mahira Khan which makes her distinguished in all characters and situations.

On the other hand, Aswad’s behavior always recalls her that she is responsible for Mashal’s death. Further, he took the infirmity in the personality of Mehreen at peak when he compelled her to seek forgiveness from Mashal’s parents. After that time, Mehreen’s helplessness was quite clear but she kept on facing with determination and showing consistency towards her character. The situation is making Mehreen highly upset and she got obsessed by Mashal’s death and her presence in the subconscious. Mahira Khan portrayed this situation in a very natural and brilliant way.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 16 Story Review - Crudeness

The most interesting scene of this episode was when Aswad got slapped by Mashal’s mother (Shugufta). It was really well-deserved slap. I hope this slap can make him realize the facts and reality but the slap will again make him more against Mehreen. The reason behind the slap was that he was defending Mehreen and convincing Mashal’s father to take back the police case against Mehreen. Once again Aswad thought about the miseries of Mashal’s parents were all due to Mehreen. But the positive thing in this episode was now the Mehreen’s father now knows about the truth about her daughter’s death. Now he knows that Mehreen is not responsible for Mashal’s death. Mehreen has shown a confused character in the whole story due to her past broken family status. She had always faced negligence and troubles while the Mashal was a self-centered, egoistic girl who always get jealous and always tries to make Mehreen down in front of everyone in school, college, university and before the relatives but Aswad was very calm and composed personality and brought up nicely by her loving mother but now he is behaving totally opposite due to Mashal’s brainwashing and her death. Her mother is also getting astonished that she is unable to recognize her son’s personality because the way he is behaving with Mehreen is strange. She keeps on trying to realize him that Mehreen is innocent and she did nothing neither kill Mashal but he is not in the state of mind to understand her mother and Mehreen and always never believe her mother when her mother asked that why he is fighting for Mehreen’s case and why he is negotiating with uncle. Then he says that he only wanted to protect her mother from Police inquiries, not to Mehreen. Mehreen is a killer, she has committed a sin and she will pay for her sin throughout her life; it is her fate. At every end of the discussion, his mother was speechless and helpless. She finds no way to make his mind clear about Mehreen’s character and innocence because Aswad got stuck with that opinion that had been created by Mashal against Mehreen. Aswad got a very negative image about Mehreen’s personality and considered Mehreen is her enemy and she is the only one who can kill Mashal and Mehreen is also responsible for all troubles being faced by all family. I hope the next episode can change the strong negative image of Mehreen in Aswad’s mind. Now the audience is waiting desperately when the Aswad will get awareness about the reality about Mehreen and how he will transform his personality towards Mehreen.

Saleha’s Integrity

Aswad’s Mother (Saleha) is the only character of the story who remained positive and fair with every relation. She supported Mehreen in every situation even more than her mother. Saleha was the only person in the family due to whom Mehreen came out of jail and tried to give her normal life by making her daughter-in-law by getting her married to Aswad. But the Aswad’s bad behavior with Mehreen is making her realize that she has made her life more miserable. She asked much time Mehreen to leave Aswad but she denied it by saying that she has no option to settle in society now. But in this episode, she realized that the situation of Mehreen’s life is getting worse day by day and Saleha is considering herself responsible for Mehreen’s hardships. So she decided to make their paths separate subsequently she got prepared divorce papers and asked Aswad to sign the papers. Aswad was not ready to listen about the single word on account of Mehreen’s sympathy as always. So, Saleha says to Aswad to sign the paper and get her free to live her life. Then Aswad became annoyed and asked her mother that should he leave her so that Mehreen can go to Saffan and get married to him. Then Saleha told him that Saffan is getting married to another girl and their chapter is closed. Aswad put conditions before her mother that ask Mehreen to sign divorce papers first then he will sign divorce papers. Saleha just wants to abolish the miseries of Mehreen, so she tries to convince Mehreen to sign the divorce paper and to move on for better life ahead. But Mehreen asked that what will be her future after that as she has no place to live even. Saleha says that she will manage for her and will do everything for her comfort but she kept on refusing. Then Aswad asked Mahreen that have she signed the divorce papers. He asked Mahreen that she tied a knot with him with her own will and if she want to get divorced then she is free to decide and to sign the divorce papers first.

Shugufta’s Obsession

Mashal’s mother (Shugufta) came to know by her maid that Mashal’s father took the case back and now Mehreen is free. Whereas, Shugufta became annoyed and talked to her husband aggressively that how he can do it and asked him that has he had no pain for her single dead daughter. He tried to make her wife convinced that please finish it all as he knows the reality behind Mashal’s death. But her wife kept on insisting and intimated to him that she will pursue the case of her daughter and will take justice by punishing Mehreen. In this episode the only sensible personality was seen was Mashal’s father who accessed the reality of her daughter’s death but he is not aware about the complete reality. He is thinking that her daughter has attempted suicide but in the next episode, we will see that there is a major role of their housemaid behind all destruction. The confidential behavior of the maid will soon be exposed her which will be the turning point of the story and Mehreen’s life may be seen free from all troubles and Aswad will be able to see the real side of Mehreen’s personality and realize that he made a mistake on trusting upon Mashal’s backbiting.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 16 Story Review - Crudeness

She argued with Mehreen’s grandmother that had she compelled her son to take back the police case because she can not see her daughters in trouble. And she kept on insisting that no one can feel her pain from which she is passing that she has lost her single daughter. After that, she goes to Saleha’s home and slaps Aswad in front of her mother and says that you can not even bear the pain of slap to her son then how can I bear and forget the death of my beloved daughter. By this situation, Aswad again gets hard feelings for Mehreen but Mehreen keeps herself strong and consistent as she knows that he is not wrong and not murdered but she has no evidence to prove her innocence. Mehreen has only one character who is always supporting her and believing her, trust upon her, and want to get her out of trouble is her mother-in-law.    

In the whole worst scenario, unfortunately, Mehreen never finds the support of her mother Rabia. Rabia has played a very passive and helpless character in the story. She seems unable to do anything for her daughter due to her second husband. In many scenes, Mahreen finds herself alone and nobody there to listen to her that is the reason she used to write the diary to express her feelings and pains from which she is going through. The moment when the reality is revealed, it will be the only dazzling moment of Mehreen’s character.


The more beauty in the scenes of the drama has been added by the OST of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay making every scene of the drama with full of emotions. The composition of the OST has been done by the famous composer and singer Adnan Sami Khan and lyricist Sabir Zafar. This is a unique piece of art bringing more beauty and fame to this story.    

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