Veena Malik’s Angry Mother Hits Asad Bashir With Bottle Outside Court Room

Veena Malik’s Angry Mother Hits Asad Bashir With Bottle Outside Court Room

Asad Bashir Khattak and Veena Malik are going through court trials for the custody of their children. Today, these two were present for the hearing at family court Rawalpindi. Shazil, the advocate of Asad Khattak informed that Veena Malik has been fined by the court for not bringing kids along with her. It is pertinent that the court verbally ordered her to bring the kids in court for Asad Bashir, the father could meet his children.

On the other hand Veena Malik’s advocate out his stance that the court hadn’t issued written notice for a meeting of the children with father. Kids are not well and cannot visit Rawalpindi as they are in Karachi. He also claimed that Asad Bashir has not been giving the maintenance expenditures for kids for three months.

This hearing took a dramatic turn when Veena Malik’s mother outside the courtroom threw a water bottle at Asad Bashir out of anger and also called him with bad names. The video is getting viral on social media. Veena Malik the drama queen is seen holding her mother. The two caught into a nasty fight following they leveled allegations against each other. The ex-couple is striving to get the custody of kids.

Veena Malik and Asad Bashir have two kids one daughter and a son. Veena Malik has always managed to make headlines with her controversial and bold attitude. Her appearance in Bigg Boss garnered her immense criticism in Pakistan for her controversial attitude and affair with a housemate. She later married Asad Khatak and now both are not in a relationship anymore. Here is the video of her mother hitting him with a bottle.

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