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Ayesha Omar sizzles in her Latest Pictures

Ayesha Omar is counted among the girls in Pakistani showbiz industry who can do all kinds of modeling photo shoots. And she doesn’t care that when the photoshoot is released on social media and on the website, it will face a lot of criticism from the people. But perhaps the beauty of this actress is that she listens to people’s words with one ear and takes them out with the other ear. And she maintains her bold dressing tradition without any fuss.

Ayesha Omar sizzles in her Latest Pictures
Ayesha Omar sizzles in her Latest Pictures

Looking at the bold pictures of Ayesha Omar on a daily basis, people say that this actress wants to promote western culture in Pakistan. And that is why instead of wearing Pakistani cultural clothes, she tries to imitate women abroad and dress them up. And people on social media seem to be in a dilemma that our current government should think about this issue as well.

Ayesha Omar sizzles in her Latest Pictures

Well, if we talk about Ayesha Omar’s successful project, then this actress’s drama serial Bulbulay running on ARY Digital has become very popular among the people. It would not be wrong to say that she rarely works in TV dramas while she is always ready to do modeling photo shoots. Because these actresses know very well that the bolder a photoshoot, the more people will talk on social media.

Ayesha Omar sizzles in her Latest Pictures
Ayesha Omar sizzles in her Latest Pictures

In today’s article, we will see famous Pakistani actress and model Ayesha Omar doing a photoshoot on the beach for a well-known clothing brand. Yes, it can be seen in the viral pictures on social media that she is probably representing western culture while living in Pakistan. Sorry to see such pictures, we have to say that day by day we are crossing some of the boundaries of our culture and our society.

Ayesha Omar sizzles in her Latest Pictures

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    • Very sad very disappointed very much cross to see such culture in our Karachi Pakistan beach and no one to stopping her for this activity what we promoting in Pakistan for our young girls
      Then we say our PM Imran khan is saying about clothing

  1. Pagal hogayee hai yeh aurat Paisay aur Shohrat ke liye sari limits cross kar chuki hai yeh…..phir aise hi tou nahi Allah hamari nahi sun raha aur ajeeb ajeeb bemarian aur mushkilain arahi hain aur isi waja se touba karne walon ki touba bhi kabool nahi ho rahi…

  2. Shameless movement for coming upp actress in pakistani. Thats why they want freedom in her life and criticized our normal and good tradetion

  3. Shame on the company organizers and those who delivered themselves for such an act in our society. Haya is our culture let not discuss religion if we. Let our culture be not affected. Looking stupid by the way. Kawa Chala Hans Ki Chaal apni Chaal Bhi Bhool Gya!!!

  4. This is a race for getting fame by fair or un.fair means. Oh. Bhai hum agar hum zada criticize karain Gy to daqyanoos or old khayalat k Malik kehlain Gy.

  5. Most of glamour loving people like to see female models like this, so they are trying to meet their standards. It is bad on both parts,. Both are going beyond the modesty . In showbiz unfortunately this is normal culture, so anyone opting for this career have to follow these footsteps.

    I think showbiz must be reflection of our culture and traditions,. But dramas ,films, movies of traditional culture are seldom successful, exception is Ertughral & Usman, Turkish serials.

    I think directors, producers have more responsibility for bringing up our own values, culture and traditions. Otherwise we will become a nation without any culture.

    Just see people feel ashamed in speaking Urdu, sending ashamed in Urdu medium schools, whereas Urdu is our National language. Similarly Shakwar kameez is our national dress,. But feel ashamed wearing them, especially we seldom dress our kids in Shakwar kameez. So this all is tangled situation.

    We must endeavours at our personal level to return to our culture, religion, and life of The Perfect Human Being, our beloved Prophet PBUH.

  6. Still unable to apprehend the reason behind this photoshoot. What is being promoted? Which art, which culture which brand, which makeup. And most of it, whats the point behind for making it news.


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