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‘My Fiance Is Stingy, he didn’t give me an engagement ring’, says Hiba Bukhari

Hiba Bukhari yesterday made it official that she is engaged with her co-actor Arez Ahmed. In a heart-warming post shared yesterday, she claimed to feel safest with him. She also asserted that it is still clear in her mind that how nervous she was at the shoot while holding his hand and now these hands are the most comfortable for her. She thanked him for coming into her life.

'My Fiance Is Stingy, he didn't give me an engagement ring', says Hiba Bukhari

Previously Hiba Bukhari had a question-answer session on her Instagram handle and revealed that she is engaged yet she concealed the identity of her to be husband. Then a fan asked her about Arez Ahmed and she replied with one word “love”. Her fans started speculating that these two stars are in a relationship but none of them confined the news.

A video is making rounds on social media where Arez Ahmed and Hiba Bukhari are seen doing a live session in which they both are pretending not to be in a relationship. Arez asked her that she concealed her engagement and Hiba replied that it was an intimate affair and ever her fiancé didn’t give her an engagement ring. He is such a close-fisted man. Arez stated that your husband might be watching this live session and would get angry at calling him a close-fisted man.

'My Fiance Is Stingy, he didn't give me an engagement ring', says Hiba Bukhari

On Which Hiba Bukhari amusingly replied that he is a self-obsessed man and she knew she wouldn’t take I’ll of it. They both kept their relationship private for about two months and now have decided to declare it openly that they are engaged. We are in love with this couple. Here’s the video of the interview, do have a look.

How about you guys, are you excited about their wedding?  Feel free to write to us in the comments section below.

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