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Unseen Video Of Doodh Pilai Rasam At Junaid Safdar’s Wedding

Junaid Safdar’s wedding photos and videos are the centers of attention on Facebook social media at this time. But social media is also divided into two parts where a lot of people are congratulating while some people are also using the slogan of looting this Sharif family. But some educated people say that one should put politics aside and rejoice in the happiness of others.

Unseen Video Of Doodh Pilai Rasam At Junaid Safdar's Wedding

Earlier in 2015, the marriage of Maryam Nawaz’s eldest daughter Mehr-un-Nisa Safdar also became a topic of discussion on social media. Because at that time Nawaz family was also in government in the country. And all people had to say on social media was why Nawaz Sharif invited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the wedding. Because there are no two opinions on this matter. India has a lot of hatred in its heart for making friendship with Pakistan.

Unseen Video Of Doodh Pilai Rasam At Junaid Safdar's Wedding

Well, here we tell you about the interesting fact of Junaid Safdar’s wedding that Barat dress was designed by famous Pakistani designer Hassan Shehryar Yaseen (HSY). On the other hand, Maryam Nawaz and her two daughters appeared in the dress of designer Hina Butt on the occasion of Junaid’s wedding. This is not confirmed but some people say that Junaid’s wife Ayesha wore Indian designer Sabyasachi’s bridal dress for her wedding.

Unseen Video Of Doodh Pilai Rasam At Junaid Safdar's Wedding

But in today’s article, we have come to your service with a video of Junaid Safdar’s interesting wedding ceremony “Doodh Pilai”. You all know that the ritual of doodh pilai is performed by the bride’s house and some money is also charged from the boy in return. In the viral video, it can be seen that Maryam Nawaz’s only son is drinking milk like a small child with his mouth in the cup. If you also want to watch the video, click on the link below to watch it.

The girls must have come, who have performed the ritual (rasam) of doodh pilai with any groom like this, then we will eagerly wait to read your interesting story. Thanks!

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