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Nora Fatehi Gets Criticised For Copying Shakira’s Style Following The Release Of Her Latest Song ‘Dance Meri Rani’

Once again Bollywood is maintaining its tradition of copying stuff from other countries and after Jubin Nautiyal’s repeated copies of Pakistani songs, here comes Nora Fatehi. Renowned Indian dancer and model celebrity Nora Fatehi is getting backlashed for copying Colombian singer Shakira. Nora has worked in the newly released music video of Singer Guru Randhawa.

A song called Dance Meri Rani, shows Nora in the first part of the video has done same perms like hairdo just as it is Shakira’s. Even the hair color and look is clearly resembling her with a Colombian singer. She didn’t get satisfied with only copying her looks but also swayed the way Shakira dances is famous for her signature dance steps.

Soon after the release of this music video on social media handles people started bashing her and commented like if she had copied her hairstyle then why she also went for copying her dress as well. People are criticizing her for copying the style of Shakira. Some of them are also of the view that this song is the remix of Shakira and Tony Kakkar. It seems like people are not impressed with her performance in the song. The way she is fancy in the song is showcasing her overconfidence.

If people are liking you for your every single song and performance then it’s not necessary that you are never going to be criticized if you don’t meet up their expectations. Bollywood has always focused on plagiarism instead of coming out with something creative. Click on the link below to watch the full video of song. Dance Meri Rani. There you go!

How did you find the song? Don’t forget to write to us in the comments section below and let us know what do you think about this song.

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  1. I think Guru, Nora, Bosco and complete team has done fantastic job. People who r insecure or filled with negativity generally have a problem with others success. Shakira has not patented her curly hair look that no body else can wear it nor is any dance step, property of a particular artist so someone who is not appropriating their performance is talking rubbish out of their own narrow minds.


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