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Mahira Khan says ex-husband Ali Askari will ‘always be family’

Mahira’s marriage with Ali Askari, her ex husband is an open secret. She never unfolded many details about her family and in-laws but this time her sitting with Fuchsia magazine turned out to be the most candid one talk that covered all of the unspoken aspects of her life that her fans wished her to discuss about.

Mahira Khan says ex-husband Ali Askari will 'always be family'

Azlan Askari is the only son of Mahira khan and according to her she never ever made any comprises on her son’s well-being and brought up. We have witnessed many cases where after divorce your relationship with your in-laws also comes to an end in more intense cases it can lead to lifelong enmities. Mahira Khan considers herself lucky that she didn’t have to face this sort of family difference.

Mahira Khan says ex-husband Ali Askari will 'always be family'

She told that she, her in-laws, and her family everyone is on the same page when it comes to Azlan. They all are there for Azlan anytime and anywhere. Mahira claimed that her relationship with her In-laws is soo good that even now after every interview her father-in-law makes her a call and appreciates her. These relationships sometimes need your sacrifice, your pride and you just have to forget your differences for your kid’s same.

Mahira Khan says ex-husband Ali Askari will 'always be family'

Mahira khan revealed that get in-laws were so supportive of her and still they are, she had the full support of them to bring up Azlan. You can watch her inter interview here. On the other hand, Mahira Khan has also admitted that she has got engaged to businessman Salim Karim for the second time and they will soon be in a “marriage bond” with him.

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