Maya Ali, Azaan Sami Khan’s music video ‘Ik Lamha’ is out now


With the magical voice, outstanding acting, and expressions, heart-touching lyrics what else would you say to describe this beautiful song. Azaan Sami Khan has made our hearts beat faster with his do much musical and majestic voice. He’s achieving heights of success with his incredible performance in acting and singing.

Maya Ali, Azaan Sami Khan's music video 'Ik Lamha' is out now

This recent song Ik Lamha is featuring gorgeous and ever stunning Maya Ali. The theme of this song is the 1960s era that is depicted so beautifully in the video. All those horse carts and catchy cars with all the vintage looks are enough to catch our attention. Maya’s look is purely manifesting her as a 60s figure with that era’s statement hairdo and signature backcombing. The video is the love story of unattainable love that can be said an incomplete love story.

Maya Ali, Azaan Sami Khan's music video 'Ik Lamha' is out now

The audience seems much impressed with the lyrics and musical voice of this stunning singer-actor Azaan Sami Khan. People are loving the deep lyrics and the spell that has created his voice is just creating an outstanding combination. The public considers Azaan Sami Khan a great and fresh addition to the music industry and is so happy to finally listen to this great number. A few days back a director Abu Aleeha took a jibe at Geo TV network to promote the parchi system in Industry as he considers Azaan Sami and Haroon Kadwani incapable of doing acting or singing.

Maya Ali, Azaan Sami Khan's music video 'Ik Lamha' is out now

Here you can watch this amazing music video. We are extremely in love with this song and Maya’s appearance had just made us mesmerized. We are loving every bit of it. He is certainly a great addition to Pakistani music industry. If you also want to listen to the new song of Maya Ali and Azaan Sami Khan then click on the link below to watch.

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