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Watch Video: Despite Of Copying Several Looks Of Anushka Sharma, Ramsha Khan Does Not Feel Good About Bearing A Resemblance With Indian Actress

Ramsha Khan is recently seen appearing in the most anticipated and string content drama series Sinf-a-Aahan with the too most actors of Pakistani drama industry. Her character of a tribe’s girl is something that has mesmerized us. She has excellently caught the tribal accent with so much expertly and skillfully.

Ramsha khan’s clip from Ahsan Khan’s old show is making rounds on social media in which this hugely talented and beautiful actress is seen claiming something big. Ahsan Khan asked her about her feelings for resembling Anushka Sharma. He inquired did she feel good about it when people exclaim that she makes them remind the incredibly talented Anushka Sharma. She straightforwardly told that she really doesn’t like people calling her or knowing her with the name of Anushka Sharma.

She asserted that she really doesn’t feel comfortable with it and being a uni copied que person the statement of people that she’s making Resemblance With the Instagram really bothers her a lot. She is not happy at all with all this scene. She spoke about this matter ‘I really don’t feel good about that. I am my own person and really want people to know me for Ramsha Khan, not for someone else’s face’.

Ramsha Khan has several times copied Anushka Sharma’s looks even choose to wear the same jewelry. Here we are giving you some of her look that is evident that she’s cute and we are drooling over her beautiful looks. Here’s the video. Do watch it now.

Do you also think that Ramsha Khan is a photocopy of Anushka Sharma? Write to us in the comments section below. Thanks!

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