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Saboor Aly’s ‘Family Photos’ with her father, brother, and sister

Most people do not know that Saboor Aly and Sajal Aly’s mother has passed away. Sajal Ali’s mother died while she was busy recording the movie Mom in India. Sajal Aly has also confirmed that she did not visit her mother when she was hospitalized due to illness. Because she was stuck there because of her work and her shooting dates.

Sajal Aly has a sister Saboor Aly and a brother Ali. Sajal also confirmed in her interview that she gave the first audition at the behest of her mother. When Sajal Aly was selected after giving her audition, then her mother told Saboor to be like Sajal. And that’s exactly how the two sisters got into the industry.

A memorable photo of Saboor Aly with her father and mother

Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari’s wedding has been a hot topic on social media since last week. On the other hand, people seem to be in a dilemma as to why Ahad Raza Mir is not attending Saboor Aly’s wedding. Due to not attending the wedding, people seem to be saying that the relationship between Sajal and Ahad may not exist anymore.

Sajal Ali’s brother kissing his sister’s forehead

But in today’s article, we will see pictures of actress Saboor Aly with her elder sister, brother, and father. Here we tell you an interesting thing that Saboor and Sajal’s brother is studying in Australia. And that is why he stays there permanently to complete his education but now he has come to Pakistan to attend his sister’s wedding.

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