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Fiza Ali Unveiled Her Distressing Experience In Murree

The recent tragic and unfortunate incident of murre had shaken us to the core and we just can’t get our minds out of the thought of the pain and misery those People had to go through for several hours. As a nation, it’s time to stand united to make amendments to avoid these sorts of disquieting and damaging incidents in future. The several causalities have raised questions on the performance and management of the concerned government.

Fiza Ali Unveiled Her Distressing Experience In Murree

Fiza Ali recently has shared her distressing and shocking experience she had to go through during her visit to Murree. Fiza stated that she was out in Islamabad for shooting and thought to head to Murree for enjoying snowfall. The most shocking facts revealed by Fiza Ali just made us know the worse situation of Murree.

She was charged 2000 rupees for just three cups of tea and had to pay 20 thousand advances in order to stay in a hotel that was out of water and after repeated complaints they refused to sort out the matter that eventually made her leave the hotel in just four hours. She further requested to all those people to bring the names of those hotels in light that have charged them a huge amount of fourth to Fifty thousand per night.

She claimed that only 10% of hotel owners belong to murre and the rest of hotels are owned by bigwigs of politics and businessmen. This is really sad and every video or picture of that incident surely sends chills down our spine. We just pray for everyone’s safety and good health. Here’s her video. Watch it.

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