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Several Times When Minal Khan’s Father-In-Law Mohsin Ikram Dealt With Keyboard Warriors In The Most Sophisticated Ways

Ahsan Mohsin Ikram and Minal Khan being a very beautiful and wanted couple have to face severe criticism or backlash even for every little reason. Since the time people suspected their relationship, they started landing in hot water, and even now when they’ve got married public is not sparing them.

Not just these two stars but their family members also are at the marksmanship of trollers and they are not ready to spare even a moment to troll this family. Ahsan Mohsin Ikram’s father Mohsin Ikram is such a gentleman and so much generous. People even are judging him and are repeatedly getting into her social media handles resulting in criticism and backlash.


Recently a place to meet with Minal Khan. He replied back in the most graceful manner and asked her to ask Minal Khan about this. He went on advocating the perception of his wealth and lavishness. He said that money is not the only thing that makes you wealthy. He has always managed to reply back with such grace and sophistication.

Once someone commented on Minal’s family he beautifully defended her and then questions on himself really left him I’m shocked. People alleged him for drinking alcohol to which he said that he never has taken Alcohol in his life. It’s easy to judge someone’s character and struggles. But the story is always different from what you’ve perceived. Here are the mesmerizing clicks of Minal Khan with her in-laws. Do check them out.

One user saw a picture of Minal Khan’s father-in-law and wrote that it looks like he is drunk.

When a user wrote that you are very rich, Minal Khan’s father-in-law made a very nice comment.

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