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Watch Video: Nadia Khan’s Extensive Explanation Concerning Her Viral Video With Anisa Farooqi

The issue of controversial video between Nadia Khan and Sharmila Farooqi’s mother is igniting the flames of hatred. The said matter has got an intense turn with Sharmila Farooqi’s complaint against Nadia Khan to FIA cybercrime wing. Nadia Khan during all this matter just posted her stance one time and denied her bad or ill iotations to mock Anisa Farooqi.

People were quite eager to know Nadia Khan’s stance on this matter and now she has come up with an extensive video deeply elaborating her aim and intentions behind the video. She started with a claim that people were waiting for her stance and her husband Faisal initially stopped her from giving any statements and said these politicians enjoy media coverage and the same is the case with Sharmila Farooqi, let her enjoy that coverage at your expense. Those who have not yet seen the video criticizing Nadia Khan’s Sharmila Farooqi mother, click on the link below to watch it.

Her husband Faisal is of the view that an unnecessary perspective is being created. Nadia Khan asserted that being a YouTuber and blogger she is used to make videos whenever she is out on different events. Taking us to the flashback she explained that from the beginning of the event she was filming her vlog and meanwhile few women came to meet her and Anisa Farooqi was one of them. This is so shocking to know that Nadia Khan couldn’t recognize Anisa Farooqi and eventually Anisa introduced herself to Nadia Khan.

Nadia khan advocated her stupid attitude by manifesting that Anisa Farooqi was throughout standing with her even when she was talking to other celebrities. So out of respect and as a compliment she turned to Anisa and praised her look. Throughout her video, she was trying to prove herself innocent. Here is a detailed video of her stance. Give it a watch.

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