Hiba Bukhari Opens Up About Body-Shaming She Faced In Industry: Inspiration From Fat To Fit

Hiba Bukhari Opens Up About Body-Shaming She Faced In Industry Inspiration From Fat To Fit

Body shaming is a serious issue that can push the victims towards the darkness of depression from where things start getting more worse. Hiba Bukhari is becoming an inspiration for all that who are battling with body shaming. In her interview with Time Out With Ahsan Khan, Hiba Bukhari got vocal about the struggling period of her career and tells us about the point of self-realization that really made her what she is today.

Hiba is of the view that during her drama series Fitoor she gained some pounds and to her surprise, this was a bit gain in weight she got subjected to criticism. People started criticizing her and considered her an overaged actress. She further added that people from our industry who preach to not to body shame others, they are the ones who severely body shame others in person. This is their reality.  

Arez Ahmed added that this industry is quite brutal concerning the understanding of someone’s emotions. Hiba Bukhari explained that this body-shaming ended up her gaining five kgs in a single month due to depression and constant trolling. Eventually, Deewangi star had a point of self-realization where she felt that Allah Almighty had blessed her with so much success and fame than why she was behaving like a thankless one.

From that point, she started working by herself. Hiba Bukhari told everyone to be confident and become their own inspiration. That is the most important thing. For Hiba, Deewangi is her best project that garnered her recognition in industry and made her appearance in other hit projects. Here is Hiba Bukhari’s clip of an interview with Ahsan Khan, have a look.

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  1. No, Alhamdo Lillah, I’m happy to be smart enough and dashing.
    Hiba Bukhari was more smart and beautiful in previous looks.
    Why did she loose her weight?

  2. It’s not very big issue if some one is facing body shaming what’s wrong in this fitness is possible if u r exercising if u become careless obviously u will gain pounds so what’s shame in this just try to exercise and control diet things will get normal .nothing to be in depression


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