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‘Agay Dekh’ Title Song Of PSL 2022 Is Finally Out

Pakistan Cricket Board has finally released the title song of PSL’s 7th edition. Aima Baig and Atif Aslam have sung this title song in their musical and soulful voice. Abdullah Siddiqui has produced this song. This incredibly mesmerizing song consists of three minutes and thirty seconds and this is the very first time when Atif Aslam has sung the song for PSL.

'Agay Dekh' Title Song Of PSL 2022 Is Finally Out

The title song of PSL 6 got mixed reviews. There were two groups of people one of those who were supporting Naseebo Lal for singing the song in such an incredible way. On the other hand, some really criticized her and the lyrics of this song. Shoaib Akhtar was quite unhappy with this song and bluntly out-forward his opinion by stating that every year PSL’s song is getting worse, Kon Banata Hai Yeh.

'Agay Dekh' Title Song Of PSL 2022 Is Finally Out

He was also of the view that these sorts of title songs can never take up the brand. He was quite disappointed with this song. Naseebo Lal was quite happy with being chosen for this song. She was really great full to avail the opportunity to sing this genre song that was definitely way different from her genre. This beautiful singer Naseebo Lal got really very emotional while talking about this song.

'Agay Dekh' Title Song Of PSL 2022 Is Finally Out

We all know one thing that no other version of PSL’s title song can beat Ali Zafar’s title song. Ali Zafar really raised the bars high and set new standards for upcoming songs. We are anxiously waiting for PSL 7 to start soon. Now we just have to see that this song sung by Aima Baig and Atif Aslam would be able to win appreciation. Here’s the song.

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