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Ayeza Khan Is Hilariously Getting Trolled For Her Statement ‘Mein Makeup Buhat Kam Karti Hun’

The showbiz industry is the world of glamor and fashion. Here you definitely cannot survive without stepping with the trends and customs of this industry. A lot of actresses go through different surgeries and dermatology procedures to look younger and radiant. We have witnessed that there is always a great difference between the before and after pictures of these actresses that is definitely a result of some costly procedures.

Recently Ayeza Khan got an interaction with her fans during a live session and one of her fans asked her the secret behind her beautiful, glowing, and radiant skin. She came up with a quite astonishing reply that is causing her to get trolled on social media. She said that the secret is nothing except she wears less makeup and apart from her shoots she doesn’t wear makeup, believes it or not.

Her very comment instigated keyboard warriors and a continuous session of trolling just got started. People’s funny comments are seriously leaving us ROFL and we too literally can’t believe that she really doesn’t wear makeup. A social media user commented with a laughing emoji and asked her to explain that which day she doesn’t have shooting so that we may know about the exact day when she’s away from shoot and doesn’t wear makeup. First, watch that video of Ayeza Khan.

It’s definitely pertinent to add that Danish Taimoor revealed in show Time Out With Ahsan Khan that applies very expensive night creams. In this regard, a social media user commented that these actresses use expensive night creams and endorse cheapest brands like Faiza beauty cream. This is literally their hypocrisy. Here are the comments. Have a look.

One user wrote that there is no doubt that Ayeza Khan’s skin is much better.

Another user jokingly wrote that the actress puts a lot of make-up on her face.

Another user jokingly wrote you tell me which day is the day you don’t shoot.

What do you guys think about the secret of Ayeza’s beauty? Write here in the comments section below. Thanks!

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  1. She can say she has natural beauty but I do make up because she is always in the limelight of media, so she is wearing makeup no doubt plz tell the truth to your fan


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