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The Ending Scene Of Parizaad Has Started New Argument, Conclusive Scene Bears Similarity With Indian Movie Scene Fanaa

Parizaad Has come to an end as its Finale episode got aired on TV on Tuesday. People just can’t stop praising Parizaad that has made everyone spellbound with so much amazing and captivating plot. Soon after its final episode, an amazing video is getting viral on social media in which Parizaad’s final scene is taken in comparison with Bollywood’s movie Fanaa.

Annie and Parizaad’s reunion is being compared to Kajol and Amir khan’s scene. The scene is somehow bearing some similarities. The way Yumna is recognizing Parizaad through her hands is quite similar to the moves and hand gestures of Kajol. Fans of Parizaad have come to defend this scene and are of the view whatsoever Parizaad is the best.

People are of the view that every blind person shows the same gestures of hand and Annie has already recognized him through his voice. So be it Pakistani blind persons or Indian they would definitely do the same things. Some die heart fans of Parizaad are showcasing their disagreement with the scene are stating that Meray Pass Tum Ho drama has been fully copied by Indian directors and here we are creating a fuss for a single scene. People are not ready to admit it a plagiarism. There’s not a big deal in it.

The same scene is written in the novel and novel is way too old even before the movie Fanaa. We are so proud of Hashim Nadeem for giving us such a great masterpiece, a character, and drama to be remembered forever. Annie’s gestures and expressions are matching with Kajol’s and we cannot consider it a plagiarism. Parizaad literally has no comparison. Here is the video, watch it.

What are your thoughts on the same? Don’t forget to let us know about your opinion in the comments section below. Thanks!

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