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Fahad Mustafa Raises His Voice Concerning The Worse Condition Of Karachi’s Roads, Asks People To Not To Pay Taxes

The worsening condition of Karachi is not hidden from anyone and the people who live there have to bear certain unbearable conditions on daily basis. This city has been ruined at the hands of Sindh government and Alas! No amendments never ever have been made to make it a better place to live. Karachi, despite of being the biggest city in Pakistan is ignored by concerned authorities. The piles of garbage, broken roads, and many other things are loudly speaking against these senseless authorities.

Fahad Mustafa is considered to be the most prominent and established host and actor in Pakistani entertainment industry and his recent video from game show Jeeto Pakistan is making rounds on social media where he is seen speaking up for the worsening conditions of Karachi’s roads and other basic needs.

Mentioning PM of Pakistan Imran Khan, he has asserted that to reach to your destination in Karachi has really become a challenge for people living in Karachi. He mentioned that he never spoke about these issues in his show but today his way to the studios and unimaginable conditions of roads have compelled him to speak up. He said that Karachi’s masses shouldn’t pay, everything is getting destroyed day Hy day instead of moving towards betterment.

People are criticizing him for his thoughts, some are of the view that he should speak to the Sindh government rather than taking a dig at Imran khan. Many of them believed that these celebrities are hypocrites and are instigating people to not to pay taxes. Here’s Fahad Mustafa’s clip from Jeeto Pakistan, give it a watch?

What do you guys think about Fahad Mustafa’s reaction? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Assalamualaikum fahad with respect .why dont u tell any word to sindh government.is that you belong to sindhi family.you should crticise both of them equally.

  2. At this time, we should gathered against the worse condition of Karachi. No matter who was responsible behind these whole scenario but the thing that is really matter, to be taken immediate action for the safety and betterment of Karachi from all recent troubles… Please do something for our beloved city Karachi.


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