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Shaista Lodhi Claims Politicians Also Get Whitening Injections

Shaista Lodhi is literally not coming slow, she has spoken quite bluntly in Jashan-e-Cricket show on certain matters. According to her, almost 65% of people are now done with the contents of morning shows and they just intend to watch something different. It’s pertinent to add here Shaista Lodhi herself was one of those morning show hosts who just presented the Shadi content with so much Naach Gana. She also got criticized for bringing just specific content. There was nothing informative or different in her shoes too. Now she is the one who is considering public’s choice.

She also got banned from Geo TV network for allegedly showcasing some specific inappropriate content. She moved abroad and spent the most intense and disturbing years of her life there. At present time she is hosting the morning show on PTV Home and claims that people like her show more than Nadia Khan’s show.

Bluntly resounding on Nadia Khan and Sharmila Farooqi’s tussle she asserted that Nadia Khan is not innocent at all but Sharmila Farooqi should avoid her mistake. She cleared the air about whitening injections and left fans wonderstruck by claiming that politicians also come to her to get whitening injections. It’s a huge misconception that only actors tend to get these procedures done, politicians also get these injections.

Shaista Lodhi has appeared in several dramas and her acting in drama series Pardes made her fans realize that she should move further in her career with acting. She got an immense appreciation for her portrayal in drama series Pardes. Here we are sharing with you guys a clip of Shaista Lodhi’s inter interview in Jashan-e-Cricket. Watch it!

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