Saeeda Imtiaz takes the internet by storm with her bold photos


There are many women in the Pakistani showbiz industry who want to reach the heights of fame overnight which is why they are willing to do anything. Whether it is wearing short dresses or playing a bold role in dramas, she can do anything to earn money and fame. And while some women cross their own boundaries for the sake of fame.

Yes, in today’s article we are talking about famous Pakistani actress and model Saeeda Imtiaz. There is no doubt that she is naturally very beautiful. Apart from working in dramas, she has also played the lead role in Pakistani films. The girl has so far acted in two films, in the first film she became the heroine of Danish Taimoor while in the second film she became the bride of Shahroze Sabzwari.

31-year-old Pakistani model and film actress Saeeda Imtiaz has uploaded a video on her official Instagram account in which it can be seen that she is wearing a very short dress. And she is making videos in her room in her own house and showing off her body. We don’t know what the purpose of making this video is. If you guys also want to watch the video then click on the link below to watch it.

As soon as the video of Saeeda Imtiaz’s bold dressing went viral on social media, some people started saying that our Pakistani actress has forgotten her culture and is representing western culture. So let’s take a look at some of the interesting comments made by people.

One user expressed his anger and wrote that this is nonsense. He further wrote that I did not send her a request, how did she become my friend.

Another user jokingly wrote that Bilawal Zardari’s request may have come.

In the comments section below, don’t forget to mention whether you want to see Saeeda Imtiaz in the role of heroine again in Pakistani movies. If yes, we will wait to read your comments. Thanks!

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  1. Shame on you esy behuda libas ko phaar daina chaye jo paisa kmany k liye utar dy Allah pak ko quran majeed or ourat dono dhaki hwi achi lgti hy or yaha paison k liye sb utar diya hy ho kiya gya hy hm musalmanon ko 😢

  2. نصیب نہیں حرارت تو برا کہ کر کوئلوں کو فقط ہاتھ مل رہے ہیں
    یہ جو ملا بن رہے ہیں ؛ اصل میں کامیاب سے جل رہے ہیں

  3. sharmo haya distinctive trait hy islam ka jis mard aur aurat m hota wo su ko attract kartay dil se demag se jun ke bayhoodge insan ka sara image tabah kar deti..samjhnay walo ko samjh ati samajh nahen ati logo ko ajeeb hy ke permanent mind satisfaction zaroori hy ya temporary….aur wo mamla jis m Allah ke khushi shamil ho tu wo blessings bun jati warna azab ke leye dawat hoti…


  4. Allah Pak is larkee ko hidayat dien aur musalmanon ka nam kharab kerne k bajaye musalmanon ka nam roshan kare Ameen

    Is tarah k comments se kuch nahee hoga na hee iska nazarya badlega….sub is liye hidayat ki duaa karien …kisee na kisee ki duaa lag jayegee aur yeh rah e rast per ajayegee In Shaa Allah…

  5. O Pakistanio you should think about day of judgement. This is not our culture.These awara ladies should understand that we do not like nude ladies

  6. If shedding clothes is the only way to get fame then better use this time in energy in becoming the star of the likes of khalida riayasat, Saira kazmi, sakina samho who were liked then and are respected today. This trend of shedding clothes isn’t taking these actresses anywhere at the peak of their short lived career.

  7. This type of men and women who likes to remain naked in public, should be removed from society where people likes to live with honorable noble dressing. Because nudity give rise to crimes.

  8. Wesy end hi vulgarity hy bae,i think responsible persons from media should take some serioys action against her,being a showbiz celebrity,obe should portray something pleasing and acceptable but not vulnerable acts,its shameful,

  9. Nam daikh lay r kam daikho.our government should take actions against such actresses and dresses.aisi behayai society ko tabah krdaiti h r phir buht si buria paida hoti larkio ko smj ky nahi fame lainy k liy aisy kapry zaroori nahi hoty apna kam show kry fame k liy

    • when I saw the pictures which is click by Saeeda Imtiaz I feel shame but when I saw the comments of my Pakistani woman/girls like you I feel proud..


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