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Feroze Khan’s bottle with brown paper bag ‘drink’ video viral

Feroze Khan, who certainly does not need any introduction, has been winning the hearts of people for a long time because of his brilliant acting and modeling. There are no two opinions on this matter. This boy is also called Shah Rukh Khan of Pakistani drama industry. But he is so quick to get angry that he gets angry anytime, anywhere.

Feroze Khan's bottle with brown paper bag 'drink' video viral

Feroze Khan started his married life by marrying Syeda Alizey Fatima four years ago. Feroz Khan got married early because he wanted to forget Sajal Aly’s love. But the good news is that he is now a father of two kids. On the other hand, Saja Aly also married Ahad Raza Mir to forget Feroze but now it seems that their relationship is in trouble.

Feroze Khan's bottle with brown paper bag 'drink' video viral

If we talk about Feroze Khan’s most successful drama of the past, then the drama serial Khaani which was aired on Geo TV with Sana Javed became very popular among the people. And even today he is seen with Sana Javed playing the role of Bobby in Geo TV drama serial Aye Musht-e-Khaak which is also being criticized. People say that the story of this drama does not reflect our society at all.

Feroze Khan's bottle with brown paper bag 'drink' video viral

But in today’s article, we will see famous Pakistani actor and model Feroze Khan in a restaurant with his friend. While talking to a friend, it can be seen in the video that Feroze is drinking something, with a brown bag on the bottle. People are watching the video and saying that he is probably drinking alcohol. But some people also say that the brown cover may have been added to the bottle so as not to promote any marketing brand. Watch the video by clicking on the link below.

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