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Public Criticism On Alizeh Shah’s Video With Her Make-up Artist

Alizeh Shah is considered as one of the best models and actresses in Pakistan. She is busy garnering the admiration of the audience by performing brilliantly on the TV screen. And there are no two opinions on this matter. Almost all the Pakistani TV dramas that have appeared so far have been successful.

21-year-old Pakistani model and actress Alizeh Shah started her showbiz career as a child star in a TV commercial. After watching her performance and her confidence, she soon started getting offers for supporting roles in TV dramas. And this girl started her regular acting career in the year 2017 with the drama Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya.

Alizeh Shah is constantly criticized by people on social media for her controversial videos and bold dressing. Just a few days ago, a video of Alizeh Shah sitting in a car with her brother smoking a cigarette went viral and people criticized it. But Alizeh Shah did not issue any statement about it, and listened to the people from one ear and expelled them from the other ear.

But in today’s article, we will see a video of famous Pakistani model and actress Alizeh Shah getting ready for a ‘show’ from her make-up artist is going viral on social media. In the viral video, it can be seen that her make-up artist is easily touching her private parts. But she is so busy putting on make-up that she is comfortably touching her body with this boy. If you also want to watch that video, click on the link below to watch it.

As soon as this video of Alizeh Shah went viral on social media, people expressed their opinion in this way.

One user wrote that if she is feeling comfortable, he should be replaced by a female makeup artist.

Another user wrote angrily that Alizeh Shah is losing her dignity day by day.

Another user wrote that these actors and models can do everything for money.

In the comment section below, don’t forget to mention that are you tired of seeing Alizeh Shah’s daily bold photos and videos. If so, we will wait to read your valuable comments. Thanks!

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