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Ahsan Khan, Salma Hassan, and Nimra Khan created their version of ‘Kanpain Tang Rahi Hai’

Bilawal Bhutto is a Pakistani politician and Chairperson of the Pakistan Peoples Party. PPP called out for a long march in Islamabad. Bilawal during his address at the rally in Islamabad on Tuesday, 8th of March; he said that: ‘Islamabad main kanpain tang rahi hai’.

This line of address was beyond funny but it was due to the slip of tongue. He meant to say that Islamabad main taangain kaanp rahi hin. This line became viral on social media and about thousands of memes are created till now on this. So following the trend, the all-time favorite actor of the Pakistan drama industry Ahsan Khan along with other two co-actors Nimra Khan and Salma Hassan on the set on their upcoming drama created a funny video of kanpain tang rahi hai.

In the video, Ahsan Khan can be seen sitting in a wheelchair whereas Nimra and Salma are standing on his right and left sides. We really enjoyed the funny video of these actors. It seems that the actors are having fun on the set.

Most people couldn’t get over the slip of tongue and some people even thanked the PPP chief for bringing laughter in the world and says that Bilawal and his slip of tongue are the rays of sunshine that we need in such dark times. Have a look!

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So what are your thoughts about kanpain tang rahi hai . Do let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

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