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Seeing Sana Javed’s dirty behavior, famous brand Rang Rasiya fired Aye Musht e Khaak Actress for Eid campaign

Sana Javed is one of the most stylish and talented actresses on Pakistani television. The actress has done many hit-serials along with Feroze Khan like Khaani, Romeo weds Heer, and now on-going drama Aye Musht e Khaak that brings her much fame among the audience. She is currently the matter of moment in the news as per the rumors against her spreading like a fire.

This all happens after her co-star in her latest shoot Manal Saleem got the courage to share her unpleasing experience with Sana and says that she will not work from now own wards with any celebrity as Sana called her “do takay ki model” on the shoot. This statement was later clarified by many other persons who were on set. This behavior of Sana is beyond words as she has shown such disrespectful behavior towards the junior artist.

After Manal, many makeup artists, models, actors who have worked with Sana like Sonia Mashal, Ryhan Thomas, Ikram Gohar, Omayr Waqar, Wajid Khan, and others shared the same experience with her. This behavior and attitude of Sana was also then criticized by the general public. Sana filed a defamation suit against many of them but it was not like that much easy. As it is said: you will real what you will sow. so, Sana’s statement did not appears to be trustworthy against such a great group of people.

Now the brand Rang Rasiya has also taken to Instagram and shared their public statement. The brand said that on their shoot for Eid collection, this incident happens between Manal and Sana and is equally disturbing for them also. So now, the brand has announced to dissociate themselves from Sana Javed and has done the Eid shoot with another muse.

When the famous Pakistani brand Rang Rasiya removed Sana Javed from the new Eid collection, people expressed their opinion in this way.

After reading the comments, it is very clear that people are getting a lot of happiness.

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