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Iqra Aziz shares some amazing motherhood moments with her son Kabir Hussain

Iqra Aziz is a Pakistani television actress. Iqra has been in the industry since year 2013. She has played many different roles which are famous among her fans and the audience. Iqra’s most famous dramas are Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3, Suno Chanda, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, Qurban, and Raqeeb Se.

Iqra is very talented and plays every character with much perfection. Iqra Aziz is married to the actor Yasir Hussain in the year 2019. In July 2021, the couple is blessed with a beautiful son Kabir Hussain.

Recently, Iqra appeared in an interview with Fuchsia magazine. The interview host Rabia Mughni asks Iqra about her motherhood experience. Iqra replies that firstly her experience during pregnancy was very smooth. She says that she was not scared for all of this because she always wants to be a wife and have kid. She says that as she loved kids so she was waiting for her own and she loves his son.

Furthermore, Iqra added that as she is a working woman so she didn’t make Kabir more attached to her. Iqra says that she is a very practical person so she knows that she had to go to work and leave her son behind so apart from this that she loves her son and fulfills her requirements, she always maintains a distance. Moreover, in the interview, she also shares her change in life perspective after Kabir that now she put herself in the second position and her son in the first, and no doubt that it is the beauty of this relationship. Have a look at the interview video!

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