Celebrities lending support in favor of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan


As our country is currently going through major turmoil, so there is a major conflict going on among the public. On 9th March, as a vote of no-confidence was run by the opposition parties against Imran Khan. So as a result, the subsequent vote ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan. This thing is still unacceptable to many of his followers and supporters. Imran Khan Niazi was removed soon after the results were announced.

So many supporters and the general public started their protests against this. The public came to the roads and a huge amount of rallies were being taken out. In the whole scenario, the Pakistani celebrities also lend their support to Imran Khan. Many celebrities came forward with their point of view. Some celebrities apart from sharing their views on political demise, they also took part in protests. Some of them took an online part in it while others join that physically. Some of them include Mariam Nafees, Muneeb Butt, Syra Yousuf, Haroon Shahid, and many others.

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The diva of Pakistani industry Mahira Khan shares the words that though no government was or is perfect. But according to her people didn’t want the history to be repeated. Veteran actress Hina Khawaja Bayat shares a picture on her Instagram account that though after the bail, a certain accused is incapable of getting a government job but can be made as a prime Minister and she also says that she still stands with Imran Khan. The famous Mishi Khan broke down to tears while listening to Imran Khan’s speech and her video is flooded over the internet. Zara Noor Abbas also shares the clips and her husband also went there in the protest.

Famous singer Farhan Saeed also tweeted that what had happened today is sad but according to him, the real revolution will be started from now onwards. And he also wrote that it is tougher than we all thought. Javeria Saud also shares that tomorrow Khan gave strength to the nation, and today whole nation is strengthening him. Azfar Rehman shares the clips with the caption that he is proud of Pakistani nation as no one can defeat him now. Sanam Saeed also shares that it is the power of the people.

Mariyam Nafees’s video of the protest also went viral. In which she says that it’s 2 o’clock at night but people are still not going back because they will not accept the new government as Imran Khan has been kicked out in the wrong way. Asim Azhar shares the video of the protest and states that PDM has made the nation realize the importance of Imran Khan even more and he is waiting for the next elections. Muneeb Butt was present there while protesting and shares the video with the caption that we are not beggars and will fight for the sovereignty of the country.

Sana Javed also shares the clips with #PTI and Imran Khan’s name and with the national anthem’s line. The famous actor and plastic surgeon Fahad Mirza also marks his presence there with a long caption that Imran Khan is not an easy man to be removed because a sea of humanity is there to support him. Aiman Khan also shares the clips and snippets from the event. Dananeer Mobeen also shares the protest’s pictures. Here we have summed up and collected all the views of our celebrities.

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