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For the sake of film, Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz visited the mausoleum of Abdullah Shah Ghazi and laid ‘chaddar’

Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz are one of the power couples in the industry. The couple has struggled together for many years. Now, the couple is going to release their film Chakkar this Eid ul Fitr. The film consists of Ahsan Khan and Neelam Muneer Khan along with Yasir Nawaz as the main lead.

This year, many films are going to be released on this Eid ul Fitr. So a tough competition has been set between the cast and crew of all. All of the celebrities related to any film coming this year are not letting any stone untouched for the promotions of the film.

Now same is the case with Chakkar makers. After doing promotional events at many malls, now the cast has visited the mausoleum of Abdullah Shah Ghazi in Karachi. Neelam Muneer Khan didn’t appear there but others including Nida Yasir, Yasir Nawaz, and Ahsan Khan,  all took part in this. They can be seen while throwing the flowers over the grave and laid the “chaddar” too.

This act of the cast is very much criticized by the general public and the netizens. Some people are of the view that it’s a copy of Indian actors while others are of the view, that as Muslims we can’t do such acts which didn’t belong to our religion. Visiting these kinds of holy shrines and praying there is all included in biddat and shirk. So Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz are trolled out by the public after this act which they are doing just to promote their film. Have a video look!

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