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Islamabad girl doing ‘Pole Dance’ becomes another viral content for social media

Another cheap publicity stunt by a Pakistani girl residing in Islamabad is surfacing on social media. Well, a video went viral featuring a girl dancing on a road. Not just that she also did a Pole Dance. How strange is it that people are willing to do everything to get famous or popular. According to reports, the area is I-8 Markaz Islamabad. The video is filmed by some unknown boys.

Islamabad girl doing 'Pole Dance' becomes another viral content for social media

The viral pole dance girl is wearing tight dress in black color with her hair open. It seems like she has come here with the purpose of doing pole dance, her dressing and attitude tell the whole story. It’s really shameful to see these girls making their identity a joke and creating difficulties for other girls out there.

The video is here down below and you guys can notice the reaction of masses. People stopped their cars to watch her dance. It’s so astonishing to see that girl is looking very confident and comfortable and manifesting like no one is here to watch her. She might be doing it for the sake of publicity. In the age of social media, everybody knows that by using its power you can become a celebrity overnight. She’s here to showcase herself and it’s truly bad.

Presenting yourself on a road in front of countless people is a heinous act and we are sure no sensible girl can ever even think of doing it. Girls like her provoke men and eventually, any other innocent girl becomes their victim but witches like her roam about freely. Here’s the video, watch it now.

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