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Imran Khan Shows His Insane Thoughts As He Passes Sexist Remarks On Maryam Nawaz

Imran Khan has definitely crossed every limit of insensitivity, misbehaving, and doing character assassination of others. From calling old men Diesel to Boot Palishiya, he is crossing every limit of ethics. His recent speech has definitely ignited another discussion on social media. I think all those who are on his side should at least show some objectivity in their thoughts and attitudes. What is wrong, should be called wrong without considering who is speaking it and who’s doing it.

Only corruption, looting your masses, and having political differences are not the main things. Your behavior, ethics, and words you use to address your opponents also count a lot. He is leading a young generation, apparently, a human flood is always seen in his every address but he never considers that how stubborn and reluctant he’s manifesting himself, then what? All his followers are definitely going to adopt the same.

Anyways coming towards his words, on Friday Imran Khan passed Sexist Remarks on Maryam Nawaz during his address with a huge flood of his blind followers. He mentioned that someone sent him the video of Maryam Nawaz and he was amazed to see her actions that how enthusiastically and passionately she’s taking my name. He went on saying that she was manifesting her sheer passion and jazba to take my name. He went on saying that he wants to warn Maryam Nawaz that she should be careful while taking her name with so much junoon, it might be possible that her husband would get angry at her for taking his with such a junoon or jazba.

How Insensitive And Insulting Is It

Let’s have some debate on this matter. The matter or concern is his language, his way of talking, and his way of making fun of others, all in all, he does everything that definitely would humiliate the other. These addressees are not just confined to Pakistan. Other people around the world must have got some glimpses of these, now the question is what kind of image you are trying to portray? You are portraying that you are such a low kind human being in whose country to passes sexist remarks are quite usual and even in front of countless people. You are teaching your young generation to get up and give a shit to your opponent women? Discussing or commenting on a woman’s personal life, her relationship with her husband, do all these things portray you as the best leader?

His Remarks On Rapists And Accusing Women For Dressing Inappropriate To Be A Reason Of Rapidly Increasing Rape Cases

It’s definitely the very first time when he humiliates a woman and one more thing, again the matter is not about Maryam, the matter is about all those who were accused of being the reason for inviting rapists to their doorsteps. You guys should remember his statement that last year he made headlines with his statements on rape cases and women dressing. He was of the view that women should know the limits and are supposed to keep a check on their dressing and this step would be helpful to lessen rape cases. His statement made all the liberals furious as he indirectly blamed women to be responsible for these acts.

PMLN’s Reaction

So, every action has a reaction. This filthy is making the mess getting more stronger. PMLN’s official page issued a picture of Imran khan’s sons and picture of his daughter whose history you all know. The picture was posted with a caption that a man who couldn’t give name to his own daughter how could you expect him to give respect to other’s daughters. So in short these political fiascos takes your whole family in it.

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