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In pictures: Shahid Afridi performs Umrah with daughters

Shahid Afridi’s charity work is always admired and loved by his fans. This stunning cricketer has always made us proud of himself. Be it the field of cricket or his efforts for humanity he’s always seen on front steps. Allah SWT has blessed him with five daughters. Lala claims his daughters are the source of Allah’s Raza for her. Since he has welcomed his every daughter Allah has blessed him even more and more.

The bond Lala shares with his daughters is truly incredible. During an eid interview, his eldest daughter said Turkey her favorite traveling destination on which Lala hilariously said her she would go there now after marriage. We are in love with their incredible bonding. These powerhouses are always spotted in the field to cheer up their father and this is so heartwarming.

Here we going to share with you guys the most soulful and scintillating pictures of Lala with her daughters from their Umrah. How beautiful is it to be there in Makkah and Madina with your parents. Every Muslim definitely wishes to live and due there. This sacred place has so much peace and blessings, we literally can’t get enough of this sight. On the other hand, there are some people who can’t ever find positivity in anything. They are bashing this star for sharing pictures.

Lala is the champion of our hearts. His contribution to Pakistani cricket is so memorable and exciting. He’s a game-changer player who can twist the scenario anytime. These soulful pictures are leaving us in an awe-inspiring mood. May Allah SWT bless everyone with this opportunity. Here we are sharing these outstandingly fascinating images with you guys. Have a look.

Have you guys been there? Share your experience with us in the comments section below. Thanks!

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