Sharmila Farooqi’s most majestic pictures with mother Nisa Farooqi


Sharmila Farooqi is such a beautiful and enthusiastic politician who has really impressed others with her both Beauty and political wisdom. Gorgeous Sharmila Farooqi has entangled herself in many controversies and subsequently faced severe backlash and criticism. Following the birth of Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain’s son, these both new parents in town were used to post some parenting content that definitely bothered Sharmila out of no where.

Considering it her very own responsibility to mock the couple for appreciating each other’s endeavors to look after a new baby, she jumped in and criticized Iqra to be over appreciative of her husband. Sharmila was of the view that every father takes care of their kids so there’s nothing to be proud of. Anyways Yasir and Iqra really took a jibe at her by giving her a shut-up call.

A few months back Sharmila Farooqi’s mother made headlines when age appeared in Nadia Khan’s vlog and she out of her habit sarcastically asked her about her horrible makeup skills. Following the release of this vlog, people started criticizing Nadia Khan for making fun of Nisa Farooqi and instigated Sharmila Farooqi to say something about this matter. Sharmila Farooqi didn’t miss any chance and straightly filed a case against her for defaming her mother on social media.

Nadia Khan also came up with clarification videos and put her stance on this issue. Anyhow this matter was resolved later. Sharmila Farooqi resembles her mother a lot and here we have gathered some fascinating pictures of this mother-daughter duo, there you go!

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