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Nida Yasir spills the beans on how she had transformation from dusky complexion to fairer toned skin

Nida Yasir is considered to be the most consistent host who has the honor to host morning show for almost 12 years in this course of time we have seen a huge transformation in this lady. Nida has always been so honest in his views and opinion. Whenever she gets trolled for her mistakes she definitely takes no time to apologize for her acts.

Here we are going to talk about Nida Yasir’s complexion which truly has shown revolution in all these years. During her interview with Momina’s mixed plate, She spilled the beans on her journey from dusky complexion to fairer skin. We are just in love with her straightforwardness and her honesty. Without any hesitation, she uttered that she had glutathione injections that have contributed a lot to make her tone much better.

On the other hand, she admitted that she was the one who was so careless about her skin and didn’t have any skincare routine but after that, she came to realize that it’s important to take care of your skin, so she started having good care of Skin and I have also played a pivotal role in making her complexion better.

If you guys see her past pictures then you would be astonished to see that how magically she has got transformed. From her dressing sense to skin tone and hair everything is showing a huge revolution. It’s not bad to take care of yourself, there are certain celebrities who have taken artificial ways to look beautiful. Whitening injections are the most common means of becoming fairer. Here’s her interview, have a look.

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