Sahiba and Rambo vigorous pictures with their family


Sahiba and Rambo are well-known television artists who got fame during early 90s. This resplendent couple lives in people’s hearts because they tried to entertain Pakistani nation during hard time. Sahiba always looks fresh and decent in her pictures. Contributed to many projects along with her husband.

The couple is blessed with two boys. Recently in an interview with the whole family, the host asked lots of questions to both of their kids and the answers were so entertaining. They revealed that Rambo is a strict father whereas Sahiba has calm nature. The younger kid has same features as his mother. He is very kind and has calm personality.

Sahiba stop working in any series and films after her wedding because she thinks her kids and family need her the most. It’s not easy to manage the tough routine of media and household activities but still, she can be seen in different morning shows and sometimes as a host. Sahiba was recently criticized for her statement about daughters. But later on, she made it clear that she was just terrified about the future of innocent girls. Everyone should be thankful for what they have and whatever they do not have in their life.

The couple is living a happy life with their family which can be seen in their pictures from recent auspicious event Eid ul Fitr. The whole family wear pink matching dresses and all of them were looking so good. Sahiba’s alone portraits are so exquisite.

Sahiba and Rambo vigorous pictures with their family

What do you say about this family’s latest pictures in which they are wearing the same color dresses? Are not they looking gorgeous? Please tell us in the comment section below. Thanks!

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