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Dania Shah’s mother alleges about Aamir Liaquat before his death

Syeda Dania Shah is the third wife of Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain who left him two months ago and put serious allegations against him. She claims a massive amount of money and property as Haq Mehr. A few days ago in an interview, Dania’s mother revealed that Aamir had not enough money to fulfill his own needs, how could he give anything to his wife or our family. We are not after his wealth but only want the separation in a good way.

Dania Shah's mother alleges about Aamir Liaquat before his death

Recently her mother gave an interview to a private news channel in which she expressed her grief about the death of a legendary actor and host. In her interview, she told that Aamir Liaquat was in contact with her daughter Dania and wanted to restore his relationship with her. He said that he will never divorce her because he is in love with his wife. Dania’s mother told that they were just informed about the death by a phone call. We all are in shock and Dania is still in his nikkah.

Dania’s mother was also willing to attend his funeral sermon if they will be given any security otherwise they will not be able to visit Karachi. She also told the media people that we are not in our senses till now and overwhelming with grief and sorrow. Whatever happened to him and sudden death is really remittable. Have a video look!

What do you say about the interview that Dania’s mother gave to the anchor person? Is it good to mock anyone in his life and have condolences after the death? Please share your opinion in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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