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A new entry into Showbiz industry – Sania Mirza’s confirmation along with some amorous pictures

A name that we often listen to from news and social media personalities is Sania Mirza. She is an Indian tennis player who got married to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik in 2010. People say that she is the “Bhabhi” of all Pakistani nations and we love the bonding and attractive looks of this beautiful and lively couple. They are blessed with a son named Izhaan Malik whose videos usually circulate on social media. He is a lovely child who do care for his parents and also tries to copy his father Shoaib Malik.

A new entry into Showbiz industry - Sania Mirza’s confirmation along with some amorous pictures

Sania Mirza put on a lot of weight during pregnancy and now shed all of the extra pounds. She always tries to educate and motivate women who are depressed about their post-partum weight. She is an inspiration for all new moms. She has 9k followers from all over the world, especially from India and Pakistan.

Recently Sania Mirza revealed that she is going to become a part of showbiz industry soon and she also shared some bold pictures of herself in very impressive outfits. Mostly she wears some traditional dresses from Pakistan and India but now she is also trying some western outfits. Though she is looking glamorous in all her outfits but people do not accept her revealing clothes because our society and religion does not allow this type of dressing.

A new entry into Showbiz industry - Sania Mirza’s confirmation along with some amorous pictures

Sania traveled to a lot of countries because of her tournaments and sometimes just for vacationing with Shoaib and Izhaan. The couple always tries to spend some precious moments together and also try different foods from all over the world. Sania loves Pakistani and Italian food as she was seen having dinner with Izhaan in Rome, Italy. Their yearly visit to Eiffel tower is also a proof that the couple loves to explore new and different places.

Are you happy to get this news about Sania? What do you think, if she is going to appear in dramas or movies? Please tell us in the comment section given below. Thanks!

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  1. Her bold dresses and looks will support Pakistani mandi actresses to become even bolder, harder and wider. Jai hind. Sania will get more support from India. Damaging Pakistan is so easy.

  2. She s a tennis superstar, respected on both sides of border as well as across the world. She shouldn’t ruin the respect she gained over decades by becoming a low level model. Think over it mam

  3. Sania please you are my inspiration Olympics please please don’t again bold dresses you can any dress of Pakistan please wear and give the great message Pakistan girls

  4. It’s her life to live as she wants to. I doubt she cares about the opinion of any two bit moron. Keep your opinions to yourself. Live your life Sania, it’s the only one you have!

  5. Shame on this Bloody Pakistani Media for posting such a blunderous photoshopped picture of her. That’s not her actual image which was posted first on the top.
    Shmae on you

  6. Bharwey k bachy sharam Kar madarchood izzat kr aurat ki purani pics lga rha hy Tu koi sharam kr tere mulk k star ki wife Hy delete Mr o dalleeey!


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